[Adeptus Mechanicum] Arkturos Mycol and Possat Alkali

Magos Biologis and Arch-Chymist, Chief Chirurgeon, outspoken Apexist


The odd being known as Adept Biologis Arkturos Mycol, like many of his order and faith, stands apart from their fellow men, not only in learning and aptitude but perhaps even more so in physical appearance. Adept Mycol is of a massive stature, standing close to two and a half meter unarmoured, with a heavy set frame and sturdy build. Whether this is a trait he initially possessed or if it is entirely due to cybernetic augmentation is unknown, though even an untrained eye can tell that the Magos has undergone heavy modifications. In addition to the veritable flora of data-ports, spine jacks and neural-conditutes across his frame he also possess a heavily grafted spine, a completely reworked throat and voice-box as well as augmentation of internal organs, all due procedures for one to be initiated into the Machine Cult. In addition to these mandatory augmentations Adept Mycol has also undergone massive cranial reconstruction and augmentation in order to accommodate the instalment of a binary cortex within his cranial structure. This has left his skull seared bare of the hated flesh, before being thoroughly polished, and his facial features has been entirely erased. Instead his face consist of a cluster of three cybernetic visual replacements, two of which functions are comparable to eyes (though of course enhanced with several more spectra of vision) while the third, smaller lens contains sophisticated pressure and radiation filters as well as allowing for direct visual transfer to his partner, Adept Alchimia Possat Alkali. Below the cluster of lenses has been fitted a massive device, more power socket then respiratory device, to which connects a fat cluster of various cables, providing everything from an oxygen and nutritional supply to auxiliary power couplings and enhanced mind-link connections. Beyond this major cranial and facial reconstruction however Adept Mycol is fairly human by the standards of his ancient priesthood, with only minor cybernetic alterations of his torso and legs. That is with the exception of the mechadendrite surgically implanted near his left shoulder-blade. This device, which when idle (a rare occurrence) hangs over his shoulder, is in fact a highly specialized medical implement which main function is to aid in various surgical procedures, effectively everything from battlefield surgery to a complete in-field desiccation.

Covering this massive frame Adept Arkturos wears the traditional red robes of his order, complete with a cowl which mostly covers his exposed skull and heavy, protective gloves. The robes themselves are fairly ordinary, though one can note the white cog pattern along the edge which denotes seniority as well as certain small glyphic adornments which likely indicates the adherence to certain cults within the belief system of the Adeptus Mechanicum. The Magos is also at almost all occasions in possession of several essential tools of his trades, mainly several censers filled with unguents and a belt mounted multi-tool set. Furthermore, when armed and armoured for more dangerous operations, whether the study of live specimen or more militant pursuits (though to Mycol they are hardly mutually exclusive), he encases himself in a suit of superbly crafted power armour of a pattern known as Dragon’s Scale. Its visage in particular is of note, as it encapsulates both the cranium and cables, leaving a visage much akin to a grinning skull with only the two heavy lenses visible. This massive suit, worn under a special set of robes, offers superb protection and is mounted with its own, shoulder based generators which, when feed power from the Magos’ potentia coil, makes the armour effectively self-supplied. He is also commonly accompanied by a slaved “Modice-Auxiliator” pattern servo-skull.


Arkturos Mycol in his Dragon’s Scale

The mind of Arkturos Mycol is one every bit as unfathomable and eerily strange as other members of his ancient faith, made even more complex by the fact that he shares a cortex link with the Adept known as Possat Alkali. The exact details of the esoteric Rite of Duplessence which they have undergone is ill understood outside the Mechanicum, though in essence it means that one magos has agreed to carry the cortex of another, thus freeing the latter from the burden of the flesh. In addition to being a great honour for both parties this gives the body of Arkturos the effective intellectual capacity of two independent minds, allowing for unparalleled speed and efficiency of calculation and analysis. It does however nothing to amend either individuals highly eccentric behaviour and cold passion, indeed it seems to only intensify them. Thus Arkturos Mycol mostly come across as rather court and uncommunicative, especially with those he considers of a lesser intellectual capacity, preferring instead the company of his mind-linked associate. He is however clearly very passionate about his work and a zealous champion for the Quest for Knowledge with strong beliefs clearly apparent if one manages to draw him into a conversation.
His colleague, Possat Alkali, is far harder to understand, to say nothing of merely communicate with. Seemingly mostly devoted to his own esoteric and highly theoretical studies, coupled with a freedom from mundane needs and tasks, makes him a highly insular individual.


Past interaction and known/perceived background:
Like many of their sect Arkturos Mycol and Possat Alkali appears highly enigmatic to the uninitiated. Judging from his skill, the quality of his equipment and his peculiar condition, Magos Mycol is clearly a highly skilled and respected member of his sect. Furthermore, his datafile aboard the Winter King reveals that he hails from the ancient Forge World of Belacane, once famed across Imperial space.

He seems to have entered the service of house de Winter two years ago at the direct request of Magos Explorator Seiun Hoshi as a representative of the Hoppocrasian Agglomeration. He did however during the incident aboard the Lonely Light proven a most useful and efficient member of the expedition whom treats First Officer Aisha with a professional, if court, demeanour.

[Adeptus Mechanicum] Arkturos Mycol and Possat Alkali

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