[Cestelle Alliance] Adrian Quintus

Dignified Representative of the Cestelle Alliance upon Port Wander


Representative Quintus is a fairly tall and heavily built man that appears to be roughly middle aged, though his deeply tanned skin is mostly devoid of wrinkles and other blemishes. His face is sharp, with a long nose, deep set yet clear amber eyes and a generally extremely pruny disposition. He has a solid jawline with a neatly kept goatee under a firm and rather hard mouth. His hair, a rather dark shade of black, has been neatly shaved off on both sides leaving a line of half-long hair which he spikes slightly. Most marked about his appearance however is the heavy tattooing, covering his entire body. Weaved in strange, intricate patterns these deep blue tattoos are very hard for any uninitiated to reed, though the shapes of beasts, various characters etc hints to a deeper meaning. The dignified representative is always only seen in a wide toga-like garment in bold golden yellow colours detailed with red which leaves the right part of his torso bare, further emphasizing his heavy tattooing.

As can be expected from the representative of a Great House Adrian Quintus is an apt and coolheaded negotiator who drives a hard bargain with a hard and very pruny mask of disapproval always at hand. Yet when outside businesses he seems a fairly hearty and good-natured man, quick to smiles and seemingly enjoying the finer things in life, especially good wine.


Past interaction and known/perceived background:
Nothing is known about Quintus’ past. The interaction between him and the explorers have been brief and of a formal nature, which, all things considered, went well and ended with a pleasant cup of wine.

[Cestelle Alliance] Adrian Quintus

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