[de Winter] Gregory Sorsky

Confessor aboard the Winter King, Missionary of the Missionaria Galaxia, Apostle of Saint Asceline


Gregory Sorsky is in many ways both the archtypical missionary of his order and at the same time very different from the stereotypical learned preacher. He is a physically imposing man, not extraordinarily tall but with a broad shouldered, heavy set frame more in line with the physique of a feral worlder then a pampered priest. His arms are slab-like, hairy and with several notable scars like those of a menial worker, and his hands are far from the soft hands of a man raised amongst books. His face too is rugged and firm, cragged by much toil and burnt a hearty brown tan like the face of an old farmer. His hair is mostly unkempt, long and softly black as it ruffles down almost to his shoulder, and the short, unkempt beard only adds to the impression of weather-worn ruggedness. And yet his face has a warmth of kindness and conviction to it that sets it apart from those around him. His eyes are wide and perhaps a little too far apart, with a warm deep blue colour like the stormy sea. They are eyes very much alive, quick and intelligent and yet shining with a spark of burning faith that at times borders on mania. Adding to this his twice-broken yet still fairly aquiline nose and hard, thin lipped mouth and he looks much the archetypical imperial preacher, with fire in his eyes and a prayer upon his lips.

As far as apparel goes Confessor Sorsky favours simplicity and ascetics over finery and grandeur, likely tied to his strong beliefs. He is commonly seen in a simple rough-spun vestment in black wool reminiscent above all of a secluded monk, held together with a rope belt and unadorned save for the Imperial Aquila sewed in white across the chest. As footwear he mostly has nothing but simple munitorium standard boots, worn and torn by what seems to be decades of abuse. Gregory also almost always wears a headscarf tied around his forehead to hold back his unruly hair, the white cloth inscribed with beautifully stitched prayers and verse. He wears similar length of prayer-cloth wrapped around his arms, they too inscribed with litanies and hymns. Finally, he is rarely seen without a few trinkets of his faith, noticeably a neckless with several pendants, both tokens of pilgrimage and simple Imperial Aquilas but also two inscribed pieces of human bone. From his robe belt hangs a small censor, spreading the soft fumes of rosewater around him, and also oft times a tome of scripture.

But as a man of the Imperial Creed Sorsky must also be prepared to take up arms to drive back the darkness of faithlessness. This he does wearing a heavy coat of chainmail over his normal robes, a suit of beautiful craftsmanship and softly silvered links with an Aquila at the throat. It is no ordinary chainmail however, every individual ring inscribed with prayers and cooled in holy water.

As a missionary and a person Gregory Sorsky seem in many ways wise beyond his years (appearing in his mid-thirties) and a voice of surprising reason and understanding, surprising when compared to many of his background and vocation. He appears a good-hearted man who cares greatly for both the spiritual and corporal wellbeing of his flock, though without much of the fire and brimstone many would perhaps expect. That is not to say that he is not spiritual, for he seems to be a man of deep conviction and faith. Indeed, when called upon his hatred for the deviant and fiery rhetoric is as fierce as any brimstone preacher, but it seems Gregory knows when it is called for.


Missionary Gregory is not a man to lecture about his past and our brave explorer still seem to know little of it as of yet. He is clearly a man who have lived a hard and rugged life, readily apparent from his appearance. And yet there is also something refined and almost intellectual about the man, suggesting perhaps a deeper mystery to his past.

What is known however is that Aisha de Winter recruited him to serve aboard the Winter King on Port Wander after he personally approached her for such a posting. This was likely due to his strong Ascelinite tendencies as this saint once bid her followers to seek out new horizons and spread the word of the creed into unexplored regions. He also brought aboard a significant band of his Ascelinite followers who also sought passage into the unknown.

[de Winter] Gregory Sorsky

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