[de Winter] Leonetta Valeria

Savant-Medicae aboard the Winter King, Sister Hospitaller of the Quiet Sorrow, “Black Angel”


For the men and women serving aboard the Winter King few officers are as beloved yet at the same time as dreaded as Sister Hospitaller Leonetta Valeria, for though she has the visage of an angelic saviour they fully well know that hers is the last eyes many men will ever see. As one would expect from the Sororitas Sister Leonetta is a well-built woman, seemingly in her mid-twenties, with a defined physique marked by arduous training. She is not particularly tall, rather a little petit, with a light and graceful way about her every step. Her limbs are also fine and delicate and she has the fine, dextrous hands of an artists, hands more reminiscent of a pampered noblewoman’s than a hardened Sister of the Scholas. Her skin too is the beautiful porcelain of a noble, though certainly marked by her many years of hardship and service. Yet despite what this would suggest about her character one needs but give her face a quick glance to realize that Sister Leonetta is a woman of both uncompromising zeal and deep conviction. Framed by falling hair in the purest jet black her face is small and sharp with a long jawline and high cheekbones which gives the face a noble cast, especially when contrasted with her porcelain-like skin in a soft tanned complexion. Her nose is small and a little broad, though with a long ridge and her mouth small and feminine. Yet that is also where the noblewoman stops for her mouth is marred by a savage scar running across it from her right cheek down to her chin. A second scar parallels it across the left cheek running all the way down to the neck, both seemingly made by some sharp cutting implement or possibly claws. On her right cheek, just below the eye, she also carries a Fleur de Lys tattoo as a mark of dedication and service. And should any doubt linger her wide, softly slanted eyes will dispel them, for they are the hard eyes of a true believer, filled with a warm conviction and an iron dedication to duty. Their colouration is a dark blue, almost purple, tone with gives them a certain warm quality, though one which can quickly turn to burning zealotry when provoked. Few of the common ratings aboard the Winter King dares meet the eyes of the “Black Angel”, for it is said to do so invites death, and when staring into their blue, burning depths one could indeed quietly wonder if this wasn’t so.

Sister Leonetta’s dedication and convictions is also reflected in her clothing and other apparel, for like all of her order she has forsaken worldly wealth and embraced the joy of simplicity and poverty. In her daily duties as a Sister Hospitaller and Medicus she wears long, plainly woven shield-robes in a deep, cream colour. Though sparingly decorated an Imperial Aquilla spreads its crimson wings across the chest and at the collar rests the Fleur of the Sisterhood. The shield-robes are made from a sturdy mesh-fabric which if needed will offer some measure of protection. Her hair is commonly covered by the traditional, flowing head-cover of the Hospitaler which also incorporates several pieces of medical-equipment such as ocular-enhancement devices. When undertaking operation she also commonly dons an apron and long, black gloves as well as a rebreather apparatus as required. Sister Lenetta is also rarely seen without several medical instruments, most commonly a hand and wrist mounted device incorporating several blades, injector rigs and similar. Beyond this however she has few possessions aside from her Chaplet Ecclesiasticus, which is a symbol of the Ecclesiarchy in silver at the end of a string of admantium beads worn around the waist, and the spiked iron Ring of Suffrage worn on her left hand.
Leonetta is however a Sister of the Sororitas and as such is expected to take up arms against the enemies of the faith and undertake her duties in the most hellish of warzones if so required. For this reason, she also possess both arms and armour provided by her order. The armour consists of a fully enclosed suit of specially crafted Hospitaller Carapace, jet black in colour and well-crafted with inlays and motifs declaring her allegiance to the God-Emperor and the Sisterhood. In addition to a rebreather unit this suit also include a Hospitaller Narthecium and tools for medical work in warzones, including a heavy chainblade, injector rigs, scalpels and monitoring devices. When undertaking these duties she also commonly carries a Godwyn-De’az pattern bolt pistol and a sturdy chainsword.

Despite the fear many of the crew harbours for her Sister Leonetta is rightly renown across the ship as a gentle saviour, for unlike the cold, precise efficiency of Magos Mycol she has an altogether more humane touch. She is naturally of a mind disposition, soft spoken and a little withdrawn perhaps, but an apt listener skilled at finding the right words to soothe her charge’s fears. She can be very convincing when she desires, both when seeking to help a patient to her final rest and when speaking of the Creed, though she rarely practices these skills. Her patients naturally adore her for it, and also amongst the officers she is well respected for both her skills and her undeniable intelligence. For she has a sharp intuition and a quick mind equally able in the field of medicine as she is aiding Magos Alkali in his more complicated experiments.
Sister Leonetta can however at times come across as a little cold, for she is rarely moved by death and pain, perhaps a natural ennui considering the many horrors she has undoubtedly seen. This is aspect of her personality is further underlined by a deep righteousness and a quiet, burning zeal as sincere as any redemptions. For above anything else Leonetta is a Sororitas first and foremost, dedicated heart and soul to the Emperor and his Imperium with a depth of fanatical faith that goes far beyond simple insanity.


Past interaction and known/perceived background:
Aisha still knows little of Sister Leonetta’s past, beyond that she is a Sister Hospitaller of the Order of the Quiet Sorrow. Her Order has long been involved in the brewing warzones of the Periphery Front from their base on Valon Urr as well as sending sisters to aid colonial efforts in the Periphery zone. Whether Sister Leonetta participated in any of these efforts are however unknown, beyond the fact that she was taken aboard a de Winter vessel first at the world of Heldon’s Heart. Why she subsequently was transferred to serve the de Winter dynasty is not specified in her records.

Aboard the Winter King however she has taken on the role of Savant-Medicae and effectively Chief Surgeon in charge of the Medicae Deck. She and Aisha has so far had only limited interaction pertaining to Aisha’s wish to have purity tests conducted.

Relationship with Aisha:
Not known/developed yet.

[de Winter] Leonetta Valeria

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