[de Winter] Lyn Nightingale

Master Helmswoman of The Winter King, The Nightingale


Lyn Nightingale is a fairly unremarkable woman in her twenty-third year who, being a voidborn by birth, has spent the vast majority of her life in space. She is a little on the short side, less than one-sixty, but quite solid for a voidborn and with a body obviously trained from an early age. Her face is small and fairly plain with an unremarkable nose and a solid jaw. Her eyes however are startlingly purple with a few specks of blue, a strange sight to many not of the void. The top right side of her head carries faint traces of burns, and no hair grows there, perhaps the result of radiation. Lyn has mostly covered this however with an intricate electoo of swirling voidwhales, stars and flowers in a complex pattern. Her hair, jet black like a raven, is kept half long and pushes over to the left, giving her a distinct appearance. Her face is however quite plain, or rather, she keeps a very plain and empty expression for the most part. She does also have a sort of permanent haggardness to her, as if she never quite sleep enough. This plainness is matched by her clothing which are for the most part simple and to the point. Indeed she is mostly seen wearing a near black body-glove with a simple yet solid pair of boots, appearing more a bodyguard than a helmswoman. When required she do wear an old and yet smart uniform of the cut and colours of the de Winter dynasty, but even then the bodyglove is usually still kept underneath.

Lyn was never one for smiles, except for a few very and rare occasions, making her a startling contrast to her friend Maximillian. She is a silent and slightly gloomy girl, not as much shy as uninterested in talk and conversations. It goes deeper than simple professionalism, though she certainly has some of that as well, and is closer to something like depressive. Indeed one of the few things that does seem to light her up are cracking dark or morbid jokes. Despite her general negative attitude she is however well-liked or rather respected by the other officers of the Bridge, for she is a good listener and pleasant enough company if one is in need of a little silence. She is also surprisingly caring, loyal to a fault and astonishingly dedicated to the well-being of both her ship and its crew.


Past interaction and known/perceived background:
Despite their time together Aisha knows surprisingly little of Lyn Nightingale’s past or perhaps it is just altogether as mundane as it seems. She was born upon a Space Hulk of all things to the survivors of a ship with which it had collided, as voidborn as voidborn gets. The stranded unfortunates did however make it off the Hulk eventually, by one of de Winter’s ships, and took up work with this new master. Lyn was noticed, for her skill and dedication to duty presumably, and eventually raised to be an officers cadet.
In her years as a cadet she meet her two only real friends, Maximillian and Aisha, with which she has formed a strong and lasting friendship. The trio made it through several memorable events and encounters, in all of which Lyn’s skill as a voidsman shone through. The only real odd event was when, during a pirate attack upon the Ars Moriendi, Lyn got separated from the other two only to be found later in a corridor. She was unarmed, yet fifteen corpses lay strewn around her. After graduating age 20 she stayed on the then under repair Winter King, working to get it space-worthy and helped training incoming crew.

Relationship with Aisha:
Lyn and Aisha are quite close, despite Lyn’s negativity and general disinterest in talk, forming an unbreakable triad with Maximillian in their days as cadets. Lyn seems to hold Aisha dear, almost as a sister, and is unwaveringly loyal.

[de Winter] Lyn Nightingale

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