[de Winter] Marcus Friedrich Aurelian de Winter

Bearer of the de Winter Warrant of Trade Marque Lauraci, Lord Captain of "The Winter King"


Full Titles:
Bearer of the de Winter Warrant of Trade Marque Lauraci, Lord Captain of The Winter King, Commodore-in-perpetuo of the Imperial Navy, Titular Comte of the Gilded Steps on Scintilla, Prefectus Militant of the Tephaine system, Mushir Eternal upon Zel Secundus, Hereditary Winterkönig of Baraspine.

Marcus Friedrich Aurelian de Winter appears a well-kept and darkly handsome man in his mid-thirties, though in truth he is in his 78th Terran Standard Year. Marcus is of above average stature, though not extraordinary tall, with broad shoulders and the solid frame of a man used to physical work. He is a man whose being radiate a natural authority, from the way he carries himself and the slow steadfast steps which characterize his gait to the silent fire of his deep amber eye. A somewhat messy shock of half-long brown hair, with but a few strands of silver, frames a firm and slightly gaunt face. The face is defined by a strong jawline, a sharp almost regal nose and the black eye-patch which the Lord-Captain is seen wearing at all times. Quite what happened to his eye no one, not even his family, knows though the rumours are naturally legion. Some claim his eyes was mauled by a savage beast, a Kroot in one tale and an Ambull in the next, while others still speak of how an Eldar plucked his eye from its socket. Some even say it was his brother who took it as his price or indeed, a particularly dark rumour suggests that behind the eye-patch lies the transplanted eye of a Navigator. But whatever the truth Marcus does not speak of it. From underneath the eye-patch and down his left cheek runs a vicious scar, clearly made by some sort of slashing weapon, giving the face a somewhat dark look. This impression is strengthened further by the deep setting of his good eye and his slightly darker complexion.

Lord-Captain de Winter favours the practical and simple as far as attire goes, a habit quite uncommon amongst Rogue Traders and Imperial Nobility alike. He usually wear a simple form fitting and long sleeved suit in black with blue and golden details, two layered belts with Aquila buckles at his hip, simple uniform pants and high boots in black leather. His most distinct piece of clothing, which he rarely goes without and dons even over armour, is a wide cloak in black with a high collar and liner of sharp crimson. The cloak’s front piece covers his entire chest, fastened with a skull shaped clasp in silver under which is engraved the number 42. The probably reason for these particular pieces of clothing can be half glimpsed at the collar line where what appears the upper part of an archaic gas mask protrudes, though what lies below few have seen.


Most all those who have meet Marcus de Winter would claim to know something of him and many can claim to have served long with him, yet few if any can claim to know much about the Lord-Captain. When the mood takes him he is the epitome of enthusiasm and energetic activity, loving nothing more than getting down and dirty with the men under his command, be it in battle or merrily hacking away with a pick. Yet when called to walk the high society of the Imperium he does so with an easy grace and exquisite etiquette, a man whom they say is a good listener and a better speaker still. Yet those who know him a little better knows that these are but moods. The regular Marcus seems a man of silent contemplation and softly spoken words that can at times border upon brooding gloom. He is kindly, soft and mostly silent, easily lost in thoughts and dreams as he stares off into the vista of space or peer into the depth of his wine. Above all however he is secretive, a man whose thoughts does not always shine through.


Past interaction and known/perceived background:
Very little is known by anyone of Marcus de Winter’s past and even less so by our intrepid hero. He was born on Eustis Majorus in the Scarus Sector but grew up on Baraspine as the younger of two siblings, raised and groomed for the destiny that awaited already at an early age. At the eve of his father’s untimely death he inherited half the de Winter Warrant. Receiving the Marque Lauraci his fortunes started out low as the Tithe was all levied of his assets yet he immediately set out to build his fortunes. A thousand tales, mainly passed amongst the de Winter retainers, speaks of his deeds but his most notable (and true) exploit was the unearthing and restoration of the archaic family frigate “The Winter King” which took him the better part of fifty years.
His mysterious “sickness” appeared early in his career, in his thirty-second year, and though it is a secret to none, none seem to really know what it really entails.

Relationship with Aisha:
Though unaware of his daughters existence, or so he claims, until her sixteenth year Marcus has proven himself a kind and patient, if somewhat distant, father. He took her in, recognized her as a de Winter, and has seen to it that she has received the best education and training the dynasty can provide. Though they have meet only for infrequent periods of time he seems to see something of a favourite in Aisha or at least her recent promotion to serve alongside him would indicate this to be the case.

[de Winter] Marcus Friedrich Aurelian de Winter

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