[de Winter] Maxentius Valerian de Winter

Centurio Primus, Third Son to Lord de Winter, “The Milvian”


Maxentius de Winter is a striking young man in his twenty-second standard year, the epitome many would say of what a true Imperial Noble should be. He is very tall, easily around one meter ninety-five, with the broad-straight shoulders and physic of a warrior. Though not as much sturdy as slender he has the bearing and natural authority of an officer born. His features are regal and strong, the jaw clean cut with pristine lines, sharp cheeks, a narrow mouth and deep perceptive eyes. His eyes are keen indeed, firm and steady orbs in the colour of true amber very much like his father. Indeed Maxentius’s eyes greatly resemble those of Lord Marcus, both giving off a hint of the piercing eyes of a bird of prey. Between his eyes rises a sharp and fairly broad nose and his brows are similarly sharply drawn, giving the face a stern almost fierce appearance. His black hair is kept half long and is always kept neatly combed to the side, sideburns also neatly trimmed on line with the bottom of his rather small ears. On a whole Maxentius has the features and aura of an officer born, courage and gravitas radiating from his very being.

Matching his station and indeed character Maxentius favours a formal apparel, mainly in the form of uniforms. His favoured attire is a fairly simple officers uniform in the red of house de Winter, detailed with gilded rims and buttons. The dress coat has a high folded collar with the collar of the silken shirt worn underneath rising up further still along his slender neck. He commonly wears a fine white shawl of an exceptionally thin and elegant fabric at the throat. When required, mainly when engaging in direct armed confrontations, Maxentius is commonly seen wearing a heavy carapace armour of expert make, superficially similar to that worn by Imperial Storm Troopers. The armoured plates themselves are a deep jet black with the flak-cloth underneath in a fierce scarlet colour.

Maxentius is, much like his appearance would suggest, a man obsessed with order and perfection. He has a firm, court demeanour and is not known for being particularly talkative, though if he desires he can be fairly entertaining company. At such times his education and intelligence shines through, giving the impression of a noble born and breed. He is unfailingly strict with those under his command, brokering no concessions and putting a great emphasis on form and formality. He is also a man of great calm, one not easily provoked and who seems to possess an iron will and a clear intent. Though perhaps not the kind of leader men instantly love he is the kind of man whom men respects, something which seems to be enough for the young de Winter.


Past interaction and known/perceived background:
Maxentius de Winter is the fourth trueborn child of Lord Marcus de Winter, born on Reth but raised mainly with his mother on Scintilla amongst the spires and opulence of Imperial nobility. Aisha knows little of his life from his time, but it appears he received a thorough and most excellent education, both academic and martial. He also apparently served alongside dynasty military elements for much of his early life, learning the skills of a warrior and the trade of the officer from a tender age. Rumour amongst the bridge officers would have it he fought with a small relief force the dynasty sent to Tranch during the recent resurgent rebellion there.
After a short while as Master of Arms upon the Ars Moriendi, serving under his older brother, he has recently been recalled to serve as the Centurio Primus and leader of all ground operations of Lord Marcus’ new expedition.

Relationship with Aisha:
So far, though they have only met once, Maxentius has displayed no hostility towards his half-sister and treated her quite civilized if a little professional.

[de Winter] Maxentius Valerian de Winter

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