[de Winter] Maximillian de Winter

Lieutenant of the Lord-Captain’s Guard, Infernus Master, Adopted Son of Captain de Winter, “Bang”


Maximillian de Winter, carrying the curious diminutive “Bang” since his youth, is a man in his twenty-fifth year and perhaps doesn’t strike one as the typical warrior at first glance. That is to say he is not of a particular powerful build, most would call him lanky, and of middling height. He does however move with the easy grace and poise of a man to whom martial skills has been made an instinct by years of training. Maximillian is particularly swift of foot and has a distinctive gait, most of the bridge crew recognizing his long steady steps across the metal platforms well before he arrives. His face is slim and rather long with a sharp nose somewhat reminiscent of his uncle’s and attentive brown eyes just shy of hazel. It is an emotive face, and a friendly one, apt at smirks and grins. Only his hazel eyes have a dash of something grim in them, though they glitter with energy and humour more often than not. His hair is a black mess, a literal nest of half-long, half-curled strands which no amount of effort could even put down and which has grown into a curious mop with fierce sideburns reaching down to his normally clean-shaven cheeks. Maximillian favours simple attires suited for movement rather than the pomp and finery of most imperial fashion, even in formal situations, but he has been known to wear a deep blue business attire on occasions, considered poor and out of fashion by most all. Even when armoured for battle he favours a lighter version of the Captain Guard’s armour without much of the finery and impressive helmet, wearing instead an old and well used light carapace suit. No matter the outfit he carries at least one gun, usually more.

Both his friends, colleagues and subordinates knows not to take what Maximillian de Winter says to seriously as he is for the most part a joking and cheerful personality. Seriousness does not come easily to him and he prefers instead to keep a light-heart and friendly tone which suits his personality. At times he might even appear lazy and a little too laid back, calm to a fault even when trouble hits the vents. Calm however is the keyword, for Maximillian can be both serious and hardworking when the situation demands, yet he does it all with a calm and laidback attitude which many would envy. Few if any has ever seen him angry, something he is slow too, and his subordinates like rather than fear him. His worst flaw, aside from being a sad drunk, is a certain streak of recklessness which at times border on what is sane. Yet it is mixed up with, and tempered by, an almost childish curiosity and a hunger for seeing the unknown, certainly his most earnest sides.


Past interaction and known/perceived background:
As far as Aisha has been able to gather the story of Maximillian is not an entirely illustrious one, and one can at times wonder how he survived. Born into the upper hive of Gunmetal City to a high ranking adept (a toll overseer) and his wife the bastard-sister of the de Winter brothers he seems to have had a happy childhood, though a lonely one amidst the spires and the affluent. As most Metallican’s he held a gun almost before he could walk and during his early schooling proved an excellent shot. Life at the bottom of the top was however a dreary one, one with little promise of anything more than a lifetime of toil in a glorified toll booth and at age thirteen Maximillian ran away from home. After first being part of a bart gang terrorizing a few blocks of the middle hive he joined a mercenary company, the “Blood Ravens”, and with them left Gunmetal for Hive Sibellus and later off-world a few times. Anyone asking will get a million tall tales of his exploits with the “Ravens” where he earned his moniker “Bang”, but the circumstances of his departure from the group quickly turns into a drunken slur. As far as Aisha has been able to gather he ran into trouble with the Kasballica prince of Hive Sibellus and had to flee off-world, somehow being picked up my Lord-Captain Marcus in the process.
It was after this that he, Lyn and Aisha served as cadets together on Ars Moriendi, he graduating at age 22. During this memorable period he showed himself a superb gunslinger and a half-decent leader, though rather by example than by words. Serving a few years in minor roles on various ships in the de Winter fleet, and serving a period as Guard Captain on Baraspine, he has now been brought in to serve de Winter more directly.

Relationship with Aisha:
Aisha and Maximillian has been fast friends since their time upon the Ars Moriendi, forming a triad with Lyn. They share many trails and travails and though they may pale in comparison with what is to come it has fostered a sense of brotherhood between the three. Indeed Maximillian seem to regard the other two almost as his adopted siblings, a replacement for those he never had.

[de Winter] Maximillian de Winter

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