[de Winter] Otto Premysl

High Factotum of the de Winter dynasty, Grey Eminence, “The man of Many Faces”


High Factotum Premysl is a straight and sturdy built man of middling height, broad shouldered but with thin arms and extraordinarily long, fine fingers seemingly made for holding the quil. He appears by no means frail, rather sturdy, but clearly no warrior. His face is similarly firm and rather broad, characterized by a large, wide nose and heavy-set jaws. The head is crowned by short chopped black hair tinted with a few grey strands, the hairline faintly receding but not very much so. Under bushy brows sits a pair of sharp attentive eyes, firm and steady. They are usually a soft shade of brown, hinting on amber, though at times they seem to oddly change to a darker colour or even a faint green-brown. These fairly ordinary eyes are often framed by two very square spectacles which rest across the broad ridge of his nose, their framing giving his appearance a distinct scholarly feel. He also keeps a well tented though discreet moustache gracing his upper lip, the edges neatly trimmed to form a perfect comb shape. On the whole Otto Premysl does not make for a striking figure, giving instead of an air of the ordinary factotum dedicated to his work. His usual apparel matches this description, consisting mainly of a padded and long sleeved jacket that sits well on him, several small data-monitors worked into the fabric and a high collar, as well as the simple pants used by archive personnel. He is never seen without a pair of long black gloves covering his hands.

Otto Premysl is not a man that spends a lot of time smiling, nor talking for that matter. That is not to say he is a dull partner for a conversation, but rather that he is mostly content listening and supplying short replies but rarely. He seems mostly calm and collected, not a man for rash outbursts, but firm and certainly a man with principles that he stands by. Otto’s real excellence however lies in his ability to ferret information from those he converse, always attentive, and he also possesses a sharp tongue should the mood or occasion take him.


Past interaction and known/perceived background:
Data error. To be corrected

Relationship with Aisha:
Otto has come across fairly aimiably with the First Officer de Winter though very much in a professional and somewhat distant manner.

[de Winter] Otto Premysl

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