[Eldar] Ela'Ashbel

Farseer of Kaelor, “The White Flame”


Blasphemous are all the xeno, yet few dare mimic the blessed form of man as closely as the treacherous Eldar xenoform. The xeno which identified itself as Farseer Ela’Ashbel is no exception from this rule, appearing in many aspects similar to a human female in her younger years. Yet its movements are not those of any human being, quick and fluid, every complex gesture made by its thin, dextrous hands filled with subtle meaning which no mind but the alien could fully comprehend. It is lithe of form, with the frail and thin built characterizing that ancient race, though not as inhumanly tall as many of its kind. In these things the subject in question does not diverge much for the average Eldar xenoform, but not so its face.
The head and face of the subject Ela’Ashbel is highly peculiar and shockingly beautiful in the insidious way of the Eldar xenoform, its features as clean and as sharp as if hammered out by an inhuman sculpture. The skin is pale like alabaster, contrasted sharply by long tresses of hair a shade of auburn like sunlight filtered through the deep red trees of autumn. Thus framed is a face unmistakably alien, with softly pointed ears, a small nose and mouth, and a brow both sharp and expressive. Upon this brow are intricate symbols in the ancient and ill understood runic script of the Eldar, very roughly translated as “White Flame” or “A Flame burning White”. Ela’Ashbel’s most peculiar feature however are a pair of wide, somewhat slanted eyes most unnatural of aspect. They are like pits of frozen ice, a blue as clear and vivid as any glittering nebula in an astronomers telescope, punctuated by slitted pupils blacker than the darkness between the stars. There is an unearthly quality to these eyes, a faint icy haze possibly connected to the xeno-witches fell sorcery, underlined by three weaving red lines under each eye. But more than anything else these are eyes which betrays the true age and foul intelligence of the xeno, for they are deep with aeons, filled with cold calculated intent at one instance and yet in the next a melancholy to move the stoutest of hearts.

Of apparel the Farseer Ela’Ashbel has so far only been observed wearing what is likely its panoply of war, the observed parts of which included a wide cloak of emerald green and an underlying armour in deep crimson, likely of the xeno-craft pattern known as “runic armour”. The cloak is believed, after observations by the attending representatives of the holy Mechanicum, to be a form of dense mesh material likely providing some protection from light firearms as well as the elements, a common product of the Eldar Xenoform. It includes an elaborate and patterned neckpiece, held by a single, large red jewel of recognizable xeno make. (Cross-ref. 04.Art.91.sub.02) The armour glimpsed beneath appears to be of solid, sturdy make, and analysis indicates the presence of the unholy xeno-substance known as “wraithbone”. The same substance is observed attached to the xeno’s jawline, likely forming the lower part of a helmet-like device. No weapons nor actual helmet has so far been observed.

None can comprehend the Xeno. This is undoubtedly true, though included her is a brief description of observed disposition of the subject in question. It appears the xeno Ela’Ashbel is far older than appearance would suggest, and those who observed the broadcasted vid-cap all agree that a distant yet tangible melancholy was observed on the xeno’s features. Though as the subject is presumably highly intelligent this could very well be a deliberate act. It was however observed to act with great calm, purpose and a surprising degree of grace, far more so than one has come to expect from this most arrogant of xenoforms. Little trust can however be put in these observations, as the Eldar are known to be capricious in the extreme.

Psychic Potential:
Currently unknown. No psychic powers displayed during previous encounters. Assumed to equate or exceed gamma-grade.


Past interaction and known/perceived background:
Nothing is known of the xenoform identified as Ela’Ashbel beyond what she herself told our brave explorers, namely that she is what she called a “Seer of her People”, likely a way to express the role designated as “Farseer”. Consultations with available material, though limited in the extreme, also indicate the xenoform is somehow connected to an Eldar faction and/or world known as Kaelor.

The expedition leadership has however had the dubious pleasure of encountering the xenoform on one occasion, after it apparently tricked them to the planet of Ajax in the Jerazol system by means of a false distress call. There it demanded that Lord-Captain de Winter be offered up to its whims, warning dire portents should its demands not be accepted. Needless to say, the demands were turned down and hostilities immediately initiated.

Threat Rating:
Xeno Extremis

[Eldar] Ela'Ashbel

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