[Fane Takara] Kaiara "Kai" Takara

Master Smith of Fane Takara, Liaison to the Winter King, "The Street Runt"


Despite being the liaison and officer of a mercantile factor controlling the fate of millions upon millions Kaiara Takara, commonly known as “Kai”, looks more like a scheming street runt from deep Sibellus than anything else. She appears a young woman, barely into her twenties, short of stature and with a tendency for stooping which make her look even smaller. She is slender and long of limb, almost a little gaunt though not so much as to look unhealthy. Her shoulders are small and slightly dropped, arms long and strong, almost as if build for a life of crawling through ducts, up service shafts and hiding in dark corners. All the while her hands are quick and dexterous, and though not the strong hands of a seasoned gunsmith they have an affinity for fiddly and precise work, be it calibrating a sight or silently working a lock. She looks very much the slightly raggedy ferret, small and devilishly quick.
Kaiara’s head, resting atop a fairly long and slender neck, gives of much the same impression, for her face holds both intelligence and curiosity in equal measure. A rather sharp jawline ends in a weak chin over which rests a small and fairly sensual mouth. The soft lips are quick to smiles, and quicker yet to smirks, for Kai is a person of seemingly boundless energy and endless jests. As she smirks the motion runs up a rather small and ordinary nose to sparkle maliciously in a pair of warm, brown eyes. They are extraordinarily lively eyes, always in motion, always searching and frequently laughing, giving their owner a bright, almost slightly naïve look. Yet when her moods take them they can also be surprisingly deep eyes, the brown depths filled with calm and a calculating intelligence. Indeed, Kaiara’s face, while fundamentally bright and friendly, is quick to change and should she wish it she can be as expressionless as any accompanying servitor. Framed by half-long, deep brown locks of hair it is also a fairly attractive face, though certainly in a rough and tomboyish sort of way.

Unlike her rough, almost unkempt appearance Kai Takara’s choice of dress and apparel speaks of no small amount of wealth, though perhaps not of class or breeding. Rather Kaiara prefers practical clothing that can stand the wear and abuse of action, while keeping to a certain flair which she seems to favour. Most commonly this takes the form of a long, black dustcoat with a high collar, pockets deeper still and, in bright crimson, the cross of Takara across the back. The jacket, in addition to making the little woman look far larger than she actually is, is lined internally with pockets and containers for a variety of tools, wargear and other items Kaiara decides to bring along. Added to this is often a red neckpiece, doubling as a mask as required, and a pair of heavy military style boots. All in all it is far from an appearance befitting of court, though when called on Kaiara has been noted to exchange her undershirt for one with the appropriate rushes and slashing in white, while her boots turn into well-polished black shoes.
When undertaking more dangerous, or furtive, lines of inquiry Kaiara leaves all flair and underhive fashion behind however, opting instead for a close-fitting body-glove under a tailor-made mesh garment. The piece contains both an under armour and soft corset, as well as a wider cloak, hood and associated mask. The whole piece is made from chameleoline treated mesh-fibres, resulting in a material that is both fairly shock absorbent, cut-resistant and at the same time both light and incredibly hard to make out as shapes are softened and light not properly reflected. To this she carries to pistols. One is a fairly standard, if heinously powerful, inferno-pistol forged to her by her mentor in Fane Takara. The second gun however is her own creation entirely and the seminal piece she wrought to gain access to the Fane. This gun, named by her a “Sakurai” Rapid Hand-Cannon, is essentially a rapid-firing, up-scaled version of the standard hand cannon with several unique modifications. Most notably perhaps, at least for those on the receiving end, are the hand-made “Petal” rounds it fires, heavy slugs modelled on bolter shells and fitted with a secondary explosive charge which detonates internally if the struck target moves rapidly and applies pressure.

As her appearance is want to suggest Kaiara Takara is a child of Gunmetal City through and through, equally quick with a quip and a pistol. She has an easy, relaxed way about her that put many an inferior at ease, though which often does not sit well with the higher parts of her guild. Equally rebellious and curious Kaiara cares little for formalities, form and all the pomp of the upper hive, quickly turning a sneer at rank and respectability. She is quick to judge and quicker yet to act, taking challenges at a stride and at times appearing brave to the point of foolhardiness. Indeed, was it not for her name and equipment one could at times believe her the leader of some gang in the deep hive.
Or that is at least how she likes to appear. For Kaiara Takare learned long ago that to rise in the hive one must become what the hive expects one to be. Those who gets a chance to know her better quickly discover that while she is just as quick, attentive and curious as she at first appears she is also both intelligent and apt at reading others. Her mannerism she adopts as the situation requires and knowledge she consumes with an interest and dedication befitting one of the Cult Mechanicum. The one thing that clearly carry over however the need to adept and prosper, for above all Kaiara appears dedicated to her own career and wellbeing, striving ever upwards.


Past interaction and known/perceived background:
Little is as of yet known about the representative of Fane Takara upon the Winter King, though she does not seem a particularly secretive woman. As a member of the Fane Takara she is clearly of Gunmetal City, Scintilla, and judging by her usual style she hails far from the top of the young hive. The Fanes, much like guilds in other cities, are both cartels and organisations of workers, and as such it is likely that she learned her craft from a master until such a time as she was deemed ready.

Aisha first encountered her upon Port Wander, at the very edge of the Calixis Sector, where she served as the adjutant of the Fane’s representative. As a compact was struck between the Dynasty and the Fane Kaiara was seconded to the Winter King as liaison, in charge both of arming the expedition and seeking out potential profit for the Fane of Takara.

Relationship with Aisha:
Aisha and Kaiara has communicated little before the Winter King arrived at Nadusa, owing mainly to Kaiara’s work in the manifactorium. She was however called in to aid in the crafting of a new limb for Gregory Sorsky and later she also accompanied Aisha planetside to Nadusa where she so far has proven both a useful agent and pleasant company.

[Fane Takara] Kaiara "Kai" Takara

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