[Hellholt] Lissandre Hellholt

Heir to the Hellholt Warrant of Trade, Lord Captain of the Heavy Frigate Ater Angelus, “The Angel from Hell”


Full Style:
Heir to the Hellholt Warrant of Trade, Lord Captain of the Heavy Frigate Ater Angelus, Esteemed Lady of the order of the Ardent Templars upon Clove, Major Stakeholder in the Clovis Ministorum, hereditary Colonel-General of the Drusian Dragoons

Lady Lissandre Hellholt, in line to inherit the Hellholt dynasty from her ailing father, is cruelly beautiful, blessed with both an appearance and a demeanour suited to her station. She is a woman of average height in her early thirties, at least judging by appearance, whose body is fit and well-toned from extensive physical training. She has the grace of a warrior more than a woman about her, though her lines are certainly still curved enough to be pleasing. Long chestnut hair fall in lightly curled cascades all the way to her buttock, tidily arranged at the front so not to fall into the face it frames. Lissandre’s face is one of composure and strength, as well as a decent bit of beauty, though her cheeks are a little too rounded and her chin to pronounced to be quite regal. Her nose is sharp and prominent, resting above a small mouth with full lips and seemingly a perpetual smirk upon it. Her eyes, a deep shade of brown that makes them appear nearly blackish, are sharp yet very expressive, making their owner’s option about the beholden quite clear.

As for fashion and clothing Lady Hellholt dresses to suit her rank as captain of a starship in service to the Imperium of Man. Oft she is seen wearing the sharp and fitting uniform of the Drusian Dragoons in the red and white which the dragoons share with the Hellholt Dynasty, though she exchange their black details and lining for gold. Complimentary to this outfit are golden epaulettes displaying her rank of Colonel-General as well as the addition of the Hellholt heraldic device of scales and skull in gold. Lissandre furthermore seems to favour pistols as far as arms go, being somewhat renown as an excellent pistoleer and duelist, a reputation she has cemented with the corpses of slain rivals.

Much in keeping with her martial and neat appearance lady Hellholt is a lady known for her fierce temper and firmness, though also for bravery and stubborn dedication to a cause of action. Darkly renown and by many admired for her ruthless efficiency and dedication it is also a trait which easily garners her enemies. This fiery temper is by no way amended by a rather haughty demeanour and she can often come across as cold to those she does not take an interest in. (Encompassing the majority of people she encounters.) On the other hand she is however known to value a tenacious opponent and will treat such an adversary with both respect and honour.
Her disdain for and reluctance to use underhand or covert tactics has nothing to do with a lack of insight or intelligence, both of which she has in ample amount, but rather due to an overdeveloped sense of property and honour.


Past interaction and known/perceived background:
Little is known by our intrepid explorer about Lady Hellholt beyond what popular tales, rumours and a brief encounter could reveal. It is said that, as is common tradition of the Hellholt dynasty, she has through means no more subtle than a solid stubber slug dealt with the three siblings which challenged her position as heir after having first claimed that position over the corpse her eldest brother. The remaining two siblings has so far kept in line and accepted their position as her inferiors. Both her uniform and the traditions of the Hellholt dynasty furthermore suggests that she has for some time served amongst the Drusian Dragoons in her younger years, likely learning both martial skills and strict discipline amongst their officer cadre.

Contracts and agreements:
None yet.

[Hellholt] Lissandre Hellholt

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