[Hredrin] Saladin Hredrin

Bearer of the Hredrin Warrant of Trade, Lord Captain of the Cruiser Luna Crescere, Sultani of Il’Farda and Emir of Qamar in the Scarus Sector


Full Style:
Bearer of the Hredrin Warrant of Trade, Lord Captain of the Cruiser Luna Crescere, Sultani of Il’Farda and Emir of Qamar in the Scarus Sector, Hereditary Lord of the Water upon Balecaster and newly proclaimed Marque of the Cascading Gardens upon Scintilla

Unlike many of his competitors and peers amongst the Rogue Traders striking out into the Koronus Expanse Saladin Hredrin is not a particularly young man, for he made a name for himself along the Periphery border nearly a century past. He is a man whose very appearance and demeanour gives a sense of countless adventures and vast experience, a fact which perhaps more than anything else won him the rank of Marque of the Cascading Gardens on Scintilla. Of appearance Saladin is a well-built man in his forties, of above average height and a broad muscular frame which clearly is that of a man used to heavy physical activity. His skin is of a dark, warm hue and though marked by a hundred different suns still possesses a lustrous quality. His large, rough hands are those of a warrior and he moves with the assured and measured pace of one confident in his own abilities.
His face is heavy, dominated by a broad squat nose, deep-set eyes and solid, firm lines. It is a strong face of decisiveness and no small measure of stubborn pride, but also one possessing a certain natural charisma personified by a broad, pearly white smile. His deep set eyes are rather small, but sharp and perceptive with an iris akin to beaten brass, almost like the eye of a terran raptor of old. The deep almost golden eyes are the only hint to his true age, for in their molten depth one finds a dodged stubbornness and calm intelligence honed by decades of experience and adventures.

Lord Saladin favours dresses both practical and of a certain flair, keeping close to the tradition of his now far distant homeworld of Il’Farda in the Scarus Sector. Over white and black undergarments in soft, silken materials he is often observed wearing a traditionally woven mesh-armour with intricate patterns and a wide, hanging sash in soft tones of blue. Over this he wears a wide, white cloak seemingly of silk but most likely made from a more resistant material, complete with a high collar which if necessary can be pulled up to cover his mouth. Covering most of his head, and if desired also his face, is a large turban wrapped around his head, the white material interwoven with several golden disks inscribed with a complicated script. These gold disks are not the only adornment Captain Saladin regularly wears, more appearing as part of several necklaces and interwoven with other articles of clothing, and he also regularly carries several heavy golden arm rings and rings set with invaluable gemstones. When out on expeditions or in the field he also regularly carries much of his own gear in person, everything from water skins to charts and his own ammunition, a practise which has won his subordinates respect. At such occasions he is also rarely seen without his handcrafted “Nomad” Hunting Implement, the bane of many a xeno-beast and human foe alike.

Lord Saladin Hredrin is a man first and foremost noted for his eccentric mixture of charm, wisdom and single minded ruthlessness which saw him rise quickly in the fierce competition of the Periphery sub-sector. He is a man of tall-tales, pleasant manners whose brilliant white smile is always but a thought away and who with but words can enthral nobles and ratings alike with tales of wondrous treasure and heart-pounding adventure. And yet there seem to be weight to his words, not simple idle prattle, as his very being radiates a measured experience and self-assuredness born from decades amongst distant stars. Indeed, his only flaw would seem to be an overestimation of his own capabilities and intellect, undeniably a formidable one, which at times makes him appear both arrogant and haughty.


Past interaction and known/perceived background:
As a man of the far distant Scarus sector few knows any details of Saladin’s background and raise to power, though his many exploits in the Periphery region have not gone unnoticed. He is famed for being amongst the first to warn of the approaching ork WAAGH! Grimtoof, for having led his fleet in the Relief of Kulth, discovered the blooming crystals of Baranax and hundreds of others exploits besides. In recent years he has turned his attention upon the Koronus Expanse and the Calixis Sector at large, marked by his maqueship upon Scintilla.

Aisha but briefly met and conversed with the polite and pleasant Saladin during the launching of the Winter King, though nothing of note was exchanged. He is also know to have set out for the Koronus Expanse shortly after the Winter King, perhaps in competition to the de Winter’s quest.

Contracts and agreements:
None yet.

[Hredrin] Saladin Hredrin

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