[Nostromo] Zakarias Nostromo

Navigatore Secundus of The Winter King, Heir Apparent of the cursed house of Nostromo, “Corvin”


Zakarias Nostromo is as much of an enigma as the resurrection of his family at large but outwards he appears a robust man in his late twenties, startlingly tall and extremely spidery of limbs. He stands well over two meters tall and though well-proportioned he appears far too thin and elongated for his height. His skin is pale in a shade close to alabaster, something which when combined with his height gives him an almost statuesque quality. Framed by a ruffled mane of dark brown hair a shade so deep it borders on black Zakarias’ face is thin though not quite gaunt, but rather sharp and hawkish. His lips are thin and pale, easily twisted into varieties of the theme of wry smiles, yet he never smiles with his teeth, a peculiar habit shared by his mother. Above a sharp nose-ridge sits a pair of eyes most peculiar in both colour and aspect. The pupil is entirely missing, leaving only an iris that when seen in the light holds a warm metallic quality and colour akin to lustrous gold, broken only by two thin bands of black. When receding into the dark however, and particularly when illuminated by natural fire, the eyes take on a sinister shade of orange that seems to slowly dim into a deep crimson disturbingly akin to ruby. A further eye graces Zakarias’ brow and marks him as a member of the Navis Nobilite, it is usually covered by either his hair or a heavy silken band though when opened it gives off a steady ruby glow. The young Nostromo favours an extravagant wardrobe as befitting of his station. He is commonly seen wearing a wide, flowing jacket of deep crimson almost trailing the floor after him, the shoulders ruffled and covering a simple black vest and white shirt. Alternatively he wears a light mesh hauberk in bloody red, engraved in silver with the skull of house Nostromo and covered by a heavy black cape.

Zakarias Nostromo, unlike most of his kin, comes across as a sociable and pleasant character, one with which conversation comes easy and naturally. While he does tend towards listening, a wry smile never far from his thin lips, his remarks can be both witty and barbed should he so desire. Indeed there is something faintly unsettling about his smiles, that peculiar feeling that he might just know the answer before the very question was asked.
Though rarely expressed unless asked he is clearly more knowledgeable than most and a glittering in his peculiar eyes might for a second give the beholder a glimpse of a sharp intellect at work beyond them, an intellect both capable… but also coldly calculating.


Past interaction and known/perceived background:
Little to nothing is known of Zakarias Nostromo at present. From both his archaic high gothic and the know life of his mother he was likely born upon blessed Terra herself, though even this is shrouded in mystery. Indeed the information entered into the ship’s logis engine upon his transferal to The Winter King has seemingly erased itself, leaving but a single line: “Only the Insane may Prosper.” Only this, and Nothing more.

Relationship with Aisha:
Due to having but recently joined the expedition Zakarias Nostromo has had little to no contact with Aisha de Winter. He did however seem to find her company and questions enjoyable during her brief visit to the Nostromo estate.

[Nostromo] Zakarias Nostromo

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