Blood Wraith of Lonely Light


Clearance Level: Lord Captain’s council only
The creature encountered by our forces upon the space installation designated “the Lonely Light” is as far as I have been able to discern a parasitic entity from the Immaterium most commonly designated as a “Blood Wraith”. The following gives a short summary of available information on the threat, strictly for internal use only.
Only the Emperor Protects!

Observed Tendencies:
The entity identified as the “Blood Wraith” is classified as a demonic parasite by our only available copy of the treaty Formicarius, penned by the infamous Iocanus Qasem (see note XII), which furthermore connects it to certain cults venerating dark gods of murder and blood. Whether it is one single demonic entity which has manifested across several different sectors and planets, or rather a specie or category compromising several entities is unclear, though hardly of importance to our cause. What I believe is of interest however is that I have been able to discover two separate instances were ships lost to the warp has returned as literal charnel houses with the few remaining crew forming murder cults which bizarrely worships stories of bloody ghosts. These could very well be a parallel to what happened upon the station known as “the Lonely Light”.
As far as both or own observations and the sources go the “Blood Wraith” appears to start its bloody work by possessing a mortal being, presumably snuffing out the emperor forsaken soul in the process. Once in possession of a body the creature can interact more directly with the material world, usually in the form of violent murder and senseless slaughter. It seem to possess a rudimentary intelligence, avoiding engaging large groups of armed opponents and preferring to stalk its enemies or draw them into traps. It slaughters insensibly until there is nothing but bloody pieces left of its foe, though Navigator Nostromo suggests that the inhabitants of “the Lonely Light” had somehow managed to placate the entity, most likely through regular and bloody sacrifice. The inhabitants had even taken to naming it, calling the being “the Red Ruin” and worshipping it like a god.

The “Red Ruin” as the entity encountered upon the station “Lonely Light” was called by its followers had taken on the holy form of man, though certainly a particularly primitive example of that form. It appears to have possessed a menial worker, perhaps a penal convict, and retained the basic form and anatomy of an ill feed and unwashed human male. The specimen was physically fit, though it is unknown if this was a side effect of the possession or a characteristic of the original specimen. Furthermore it was observed wearing ragged clothing, probably in order to better blend with the masses it preyed upon. This included the poorly kept pants and boots of a common menial worker, as well as a hooded and wide jacket stained heavily with blood and dirt, possibly an article which once belonged to an officer or minister aboard the station.

However, upon closer inspection it could be observed that the victims skin had a vax-like and inhumanly pale complexion, seemingly due to most all blood having been drained from the body. Pict records reveal that its pupils had been severely delated with an influx of blood vessels in the sclera of the eye, leading to a bloodshot and wild appearance. Furthermore, even after death the head retained a grin that could only be described as deranged, similar to that certain lethal toxins can inflict. On site descriptions also describe glowing sigils across the body, forming readable yet seemingly mutable strings of text, however none of these were observed on the partly burned corpse. Furthermore, the specimens hands had undergone severe mutations, forming vicious, claw-like growths which carried the signs of severe burns.

It appears that upon the death of the host body the parasitic entity left the body by way of tearing out the back, shredding the spine and turning most of the internal organs to a bloody smear in the process. Observations of the body prior to incineration confirmed that it had been clinically dead for well over a year.

True Form:
Upon the death of its host body the parasite was reported to manifest in its actual, accursed form something which the available treaties seems to verify. No pict-record is available, Emperor be praised, but according to the testimony of our forces the creature took the form of an amorphous sack of bloody flesh and muscle, vaguely reminiscent of a skinned canine. It is reported as weak and ungainly, attempting at once to gain access to a new host body. As a caution to future generations, we have archived an artist’s impression based upon the testimony of our forces.


Threat Rating: Malleus Majoris

This report was compiled by Master-Savant Tómas Galicia with the aid of Navigator Zakarias Nostromo and First Officer Aisha de Winter. Sanctioned and sanctified by the authority of Lord Captain Marcus Friedrich Aurelian de Winter under his charter as Rogue Trader in service of his Imperial Majesty, the God Emperor of Mankind.

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Blood Wraith of Lonely Light

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