The House Este

House Este is an old one in the Calixis Sector, their fortunes dating back to the Angevin Crusade when a Commandante Alberto Este of the Proseccan Venetairs won great distinction and fame on the rimward’s flank. The family established itself on Lind and has since then left little mark on Calixian history except a purged grand uncle and their part in the Abh’kan scandal. History and age counts for more than any numbers of achievements however and the name Este still holds esteem even on Scintilla. They have also cultivated marital alliances across the sector.

House Este is by now a minor noble house in the sector, mainly engaged in small scale merchant endeavours as well as trading heavily in high quality glass and china of Vaxenide. Indeed, they own considerable amount of the Martaxus Combine based on Vaxenide, a shipping and trade venture in the Malifan Sub-Sector. Three years ago however house Este set up a lending businesses on Port Wander, supervised by Welf Este, mainly lending to free captains and chartists.

Characters of Note:
Azzo Este – Lord Este and current head of the house, holds the rank of “Wyrmillian” upon Lind.
Welf Este – Questor of house Este upon Port Wander, fourth son of Lord Este.

Contracts and agreements:
House de Winter lent coverage for the first payment for basic supplies (to the Cestelle Alliance) and house Este has pledged to stand as guarantor for the second payment. In return they hold a fifth share in the Charnal Star Expedition.

The House Este

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