The House Nostromo

Navis_Nobilite_-_Nostromo_Mark.jpgNostromo is a name almost as famous and almost as darkly haunted in the Calixis sector as the name of their first masters, the Haarlocks themselves. An ancient house of the Navis Nobilite whose origin dates back into the forgotten dark of history they rose to fame when they, as the first, charted stable routes into the Calyx Expanse as well as for their role at Haarlocks side during the Wars of Apostasy and the Angevin Crusade. As the Calixis sector proper was established house Nostromo became the by far most powerful and influence Navigator house in the region. Yet for all their power they fell, and fell far, engulfed by the terrible horrors of the Haarlock purge. When Erasmus Haarlock disappeared, his family slaughtered, less than a dozen bearers of the Nostromo line remained alive, the majority upon the family’s ancient stronghold on Terra. For the following hundred years the Nostromo bloodline seems to vanish almost altogether before Yelisavet Nostromo declares it reborn before the Paternova a decade ago before returning once more to the Calixis Sector.

The Navigators of house Nostromo are famed throughout the Segmentum Obscurus as one of its foremost navigator families. Near unsurpassed in both genius and abilities, yet forever tainted madness and by a curse as old as night itself. Few if any houses in the Calixis sector can claim to know it better than the Nostromo, though their reach within the Koronus Expanse is limited. They are also known enemies of house Ortellius and dark rumours has it that they have incurred the interest of the Calixian Inquisition, though no contact has been made public. Of the vast holdings of house Nostromo few now remain in use, indeed it seems only the residence upon Port Wander is active in the Calixis Sector. The heraldry of house Nostromo is a pale skull set with a third, red eye, though a three eyed raven also feature prominently. Their colours are black, red and pale silver.

Characters of Note:
Yelisavet Nostromo – Novator of house Nostromo, Warp Guide of the Winter King.
Zakarias Nostromo – Navigator of house Nostromo, liaison to the Bridge upon the Winter King.
Illysk Nostromo – Navigator Apprentice of house Nostromo, in training upon the Winter King.
Jarislav Nostromo – Navigator of house Nostromo, Caretaker of the estate upon Port Wander

Contracts and agreements:
On the 162nd day of the year 815.M41 house Nostromo and de Winter pledged alliance and entered into a pact, the first for the reborn house of Nostromo. With it house Nostromo pledge to guide the ships of house de Winter through the void, in return for their patronage, protection and a substantial share of any profitable venture.

The House Nostromo

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