The Jerazol System


The Jerazol system of the star Zoltan is located corewards in the Winterscale’s Realm within the Koronus Expanse, close to the hellish storm-wrecked zone known as the Screaming Vortex which separates it from the Calixis Sector. The system enjoys stable warp-routes linking it with both Footfall, Lucin’s Breath and several other systems deeper into the Winterscale’s Realm, thus making it both a natural transit point and safe haven for travellers along the rim of the Great Warp Storms. The system itself is lit by the star Zoltan, a main sequence star of roughly 0.8 solar masses which gives of a warm, steady yellowish glow. Though only holding four stellar bodies of note within its grasp Zoltan’s stability and fiery glow makes the system ideally suited for sustaining life.

The inner cauldron of the Jerazol system is a stretch of space bathed in the stars heat and radiation, scouring away everything but rock and metal. As such the two planets within this zone, designated Anera Minoris and Anera Majoris, had their atmosphere stripped away long aeons ago leaving little but blasted rocks in rapidly decaying orbits around their star. Crossing over into the primary biosphere spacefarers must traverse a dense ring of shattered asteroids before reaching the planet which gave the system its name, Jerazol. Beyond another, far larger, asteroid field lies the systems outer reaches and at the very fringe of this zone the gas giant Ajax circles its distant star. Though small by most standards Ajax still has a massive gravitational pull, so much so that it courses the outer asteroid belt to take on a faintly elliptic orbit around its star.


The history of the Jerazol system, or more specifically of the once verdant world of Jerazol itself, is one which has been told a hundred times in the many amasec-sinks and obscura dens of Port Wander. As many worlds in the Winterscale’s Realm it was discovered in the opening centuries of the 41st millennium during the initial rush of explorers traversing the newly opened Koronus Passage. Though the name of the captain varies with every telling it is said that a Rogue Trader of a minor family found the system and charted the star Zoltan, discovering within its system a world of surpassing natural beauty, bountiful and unspoiled, a world named Jerazol by the natives. This native population was human, and though having regressed to the level of primitive agriculturalists, they still produced an unbelievable yield of food and other agricultural products. The Rogue Trader, being a man both of faith and great idealist, decided to help the population back into the fold, teaching them both of the Emperor and the Imperium both which they accepted with joy. For decades the world prospered, nurtured and shaped into what could have been the breadbasket of an entire subsector.

But alas, that was not to be, for a rumour spread of great machines and forgotten technology held by the Jerazolian humans, technology which was both the secret of their bountiful harvests and easy life. Rogue Traders, Explorators and other even less savoury characters soon flocked to Jerazol like hungry sharks, all intent upon taking the machines for their own. The now old Rogue Trader stood against them, refusing to abandon the people whom had accepted his rule years before, yet to little avail and the burning hulk of his ship was sent crashing into Jerazol’s central continent. The defenders dealt with the wolves turned on one another in a mad race to capture the fabled technology, their weapons setting the atmosphere ablaze, boiled the oceans and shattered the very moons orbiting Jerazol. Whether the last bitter survivors of this war found anything or not upon the now ash-chocked and barren Jerazol is unknown, yet tall-tales still abound that the treasure for which a world was murdered still lies somewhere, covered by the ashes of dead Jerazol.

Planets/Phenomenon of Note:

The Murdered World of Jerazol


Equatorial Circumfrence: 46091 km Gravity: 1.25 G
Class: Dead World Stellar Region: Winterscale’s Realm, Koronus Expanse
Years and Days: 510 Terran days orbit. Full axial rotation every 29 Terran hours.
Satellites: None. A thin cluster of smaller asteroids is all that remains of its two former moons.
Population: None
Mean Surface Temperature: -67°C
Atmosphere: Extremely thin and highly volatile.
Tropospheric Composition: Helium 78%, Potassium 11%, Neon 5%, Carbon Dioxide 4.3%, Water Vapor (trace)
As the result of atrocities centuries past Jerazol is now nothing but an ash-chocked wasteland, wrecked by terrible storms and pox-marked by the craters of a thousand maco-weapons. None now live there and habitation is by all accounts completely impossible. Occasionally however it is believed that the planet is visited by daring expeditions seeking the fabled technology for which the world was once murdered, though so far nothing has been found.


Mass: 88 times Terran mass Gravity: 1.42 G
Class: Minor Gas Giant Stellar Region: Winterscale’s Realm, Koronus Expanse
Years and Days: 107 Terran years orbit. Full axial rotation every 189th Terran days.
Satellites: An inner ring of minor asteroids and moonlets surrounded by a dense nebulae of frozen water and metallic particles.
Mean Surface Temperature: -145°C
Composition: Hydrogen 86%, Neon 8,5%, Helium 3,5%, Methane 1%, Others 1%.
Ajax is a fairly typical minor gas giant oft classified as a Saturnyan body with a small ring of satellites as well as a surrounding nebulae. Observed from near orbit the gas giant appears mainly a beautiful shade of azure blue, streaked with swirls and spots of intense greens, the result of the constant atmospheric storms raging across the surface. The surrounding nebulae also makes sensors nearly moot, making it an excellent location to stop over for repairs anchored in high orbit or, as the officers of the Winter King experienced first-hand, an ideal location for launching an ambush.

The Jerazol System

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