The Nadusa System


The Nadusa system is something akin to a blissfully forgotten backwater, located off the main warp-lanes that connects the Winterscale’s Realm and far from the violent conflicts that has blazed across the region for the past centuries. The system lies corewards in the Winterscale’s Realm, a short travel from the Koronus Passage, and is liked to both Jerazol, Lucian’s Breath and Maleziel via fairly stable warp-routes. The system’s star, named Nadusa it is said after one of Sebastian Winterscale’s many favourites, is a stable A class main sequence star of roughly 2.4 solar masses which keeps several planetoids in its white hot embrace. The light of the star appears a blazing white with a hint of blue and burns with a fury which makes life in its system difficult in the extreme.

Seven full planetoids as well as three dwarf planets in the system’s outer reaches populate the Nadusa system, but of these only one is fit for habitation by humanity. The innermost planetoid is a small, scorched rock in a declining orbit which within roughly a millennium will be consumed by its star. Also within the inner cauldron lies a large gas giant from which limited gas extraction has been attempted, though the radiation hazards of the inner cauldron has proven detrimental to this endeavour. The third planet, straddling the border of the primary biosphere, is the systems only inhabited world, Nadusa III, beyond which lies a small black planetoid devoid of atmosphere, the large rocky planet known as “Hender’s Load” and in the outer reaches two significant ice-giants. Hender’s Load, though lacking a proper atmosphere and inhospitable to human life, is rich in mineral resources and is thus pox-marked by several mining operations. Both Nadusa and Hender’s Load also has minor orbital installations in the shape of high atmospheric anchorage and transportation facilities.

Nadusa’s history is that of a mainly peaceful backwater, and of such few events are of any real note. The system was first logged by the Winterscale dynasty during the third decade of the 41st millennium by Jonathan Winterscale, the third son of the famous Sebastian Winterscale. Though not recorded as a system of particular worth it was never-the-less duly proclaimed as part of the Winterscale’s Realm and a small orbital storage station towed into orbit over Nadusa III. Two decades later, more through accident and the whim of junior officers, the surface of Nadusa had been both explored and colonized with a centre at Port Haz (allegedly named after the local dynasty representative). Though several resources were uncovered none proved valuable enough to pay for the expense of running the colonial endeavour, rather proving a small but steady drain on Winterscale assets.

In 686.M41 the colony was therefore granted to the Emperor’s most holy Ecclesiarchy to pay the dynasties tithe, under the stipulation that the Winterscale dynasty would be granted sole rights to fright, supply and resource extraction. In the centuries that followed Nadusa has slowly changed into the true frontier world of the present, largely self-sufficient with regards to basic necessities and serving as a haven and stopover for Ecclesiarch missionaries and faithful alike. Though still dominated by the Winterscale dynasty it has become a true world of the Ecclesiarchy, a place of faith from which young missionaries draw strength before braving the great darkness of the expanse.

Planets/Phenomenon of Note:

Nadusa (III)


Equatorial Circumfrence: 62300 km Gravity: 1.09 G
Class: Frontier-Desert World Stellar Region: Winterscale’s Realm, Koronus Expanse
Years and Days: 284 Terran days orbit. Full axial rotation every 27,5 Terran hours.
Satellites: None natural. Two man-made orbital anchorage facilities.
Mean Surface Temperature: 28°C (Hot World)
Atmosphere: Pure and breathable. Thinner than Terran standard. (Thin rules)
Tropospheric Composition: Nitrogen 73%, Oxygen 23,4%, Argon 1,1%, Carbon Dioxide 0.2%, Water Vapor (trace) 2,2%

Population: Roughly 500.000 souls.
Government: The Evangelists Council. A council of the seven Preachers leading the planets seven parishes, one which is given the title of Arch-Evangelist and act as the de-facto governor for a period of fourteen years. Lord Winterscale’s representative, with a seat in the dynasties anchorage in geostationary orbit, is also an important power factor, effectively controlling access to the planet and its shipping.
Adapta Presence: Minor. Heavy Adeptus Ministorum presence with seven established parishes, nominally under the authority of Cardinal Kregory Hestor, ruler of the Drusian Marches Arch-Diocese. Minor Adaptus Astra Telepathica choir presence upon Port Zeal. Minor Adeptus Mechanicum presence upon Port Zeal.
Settlements of note: Port Zeal, main entrepôt and nominal seat of governance. Port Haz, secondary spaceport and major agricultural hub.
Tithe: Solutio Secundus. (Yet to be delivered)


Climate: Hot World. Nadusa’s proximity to its star and the star’s share size creates severe climatic conditions across the length and breadth of the planet, rendering it in effect a desert world. While stable atmospheric and weather conditions makes the planet habitable large regions are simply too hot for habitation, water vaporizing even before it touches the ground. In between these massive hot-zones small pockets of habitable areas cluster around the planets four major seas.
Ecosystem: Limited. Nadusa has a highly limited ecosystem mainly confined to the oasis-zones mainly clustered around the planets four seas. These areas are characterized by a limited, oasis like ecosystem mainly dominated by heat resistant planet-life and various small to medium sized animals which feed on them. The seas themselves are also home to a thriving wildlife, mainly in the form of salt-resistant Arthropods. In the hot-zones only the most stubborn and hardy of creatures survive, usually only to cross from one oasis to another.
Resources of Note: Main export consists of a foodstuff farmed from the planets seas. Small but high grade platinum and rare earth deposits extracted from the mines near Port Haz. Furthermore, the Winterscale dynasty runs a major operation of extracting high quality scent compounds from the “Silvered Leaf”, a plant native to the planets volcanic regions.

The Nadusa System

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