The Warrant of Trade

Warrent of Trade

On the Behalf and Behest of the High Lords and Senatorum of the Imperium of Man; and in the Name of the Emperor of Mankind, Divine Lord of those Dominions, to those who read these Presents or hear Them read, Greetings.

Being it the case that the High Lords are much Vexed and Concerned by the state of Trade, Shipping and Imperial Civilisation in the West and North of His Divine Majesty’s Realm. And being it also the case that the most expedient and excellent method of Remedy in such a case is the activity of Warranted and Charters of Marque and Trade, the Senatorum Imperialis does hereby Move and Resolve to cause and encourage this Activity.

For this Reason, and in Recognition of Steadfast and Heroic Service, We do entrust, endow and bestow the Rank and Charter of Rogue Trader unto our Most Trusty Servant Lord-Captain Christian de Winter of His Divine Majesty’s Imperial Navy, in affirmation of his Lord Father’s Rank and Charter.
May he and his Line and Successors bear this Warrant in honour until the stars
themselves grow cold and die.

Carrying this rank should be both a most weighty responsibility and most mighty of privileges; and for this reason We set the following limits upon the Bearer of this Warrant:

i. The Bearer is to be considered a Peer of the Imperium of the Adeptes Militares,
with the rights and privileges thereto.
ii. He is to be accorded Rank and Precedence inter alia Planetary Governors,
Masters of the Chapters of the Adeptus Astartes and Lieutenant-Generals of the
Departmento Munitorium’s Imperial Guard.
iii. The Bearer and his Line are also granted the Hereditary and Honorary rank
and title of Commodore-in-perpetuo of the Imperial Navy.
iiii. The Bearer and his Line are also granted the Hereditary and Honorary rank
and title of Winterkönig of Moravia in-perpetuo.

i. The Bearer is to be considered a Rogue Trader, with the duties and perquisites
ii. He may travel throughout and beyond the Imperium of Man without
penalty, let or hindrance
iii. The Bearer is also granted Sanction and License to treat and have inter- and
discourse with those xenos Abominations not currently under notice of Interdict or

i. The Bearer is to be permitted the Recruitment, Requisition and Maintenance of
Military forces equivalent to a Lesser Crusade Task Group, as defined by the
Dictates Imperialis.
ii. The Bearer is also granted License to acquire and operate such Shipping as
they deem sufficient to discharge their duties to the Imperium.
iii. Said Shipping is to be granted free and safe passage throughout and beyond
the Imperium, although the Bearer’s Immunity from Search and Seizure does
not, in any but the most limited of situations, devolve upon any vessel save that
upon which he travels.

i. No Forces and/or Assets Owned by, Allied to or otherwise under the Command of the Bearer are to engage in Operations or Endeavours contrary to the Pax and Lex Imperia.

i. The Bearer and any and all resources at his Command are at the disposal of the
Administratum in general and its’ Departmento Munitorum in particular while
within the Bounds of the Imperium.
ii. While operating under the auspices of an Imperial agency, the Bearer and
forces and resources under his command are entitled to fair recompense for their
services. Said recompense is to include, at minimum, the operational costs and
repairs for damages incurred in the direct course of such operations the Bearer is
required to undertake.

i. When beyond the reach of the Emperor’s Light, the Bearer speaks with full
Imperial Authority: his word is His Word, his breath is His Breath.
ii. As such, the Bearer is entitled and enjoined to make such appointments and
arrangements as he sees fit to promote the Reach of the Pax and Lex Imperia.

i.The Bearer and Forces under his Command are to be granted unilateral rights to
Prize and Salvage any and all vessels taken and/or located while undertaking
the duties of a Rogue Trader; pursuant to confirmation by a Prize and/or Salvage
Court convened by the Administratum or other designated body.
ii. While acting at the behest of an Imperial agency, the Bearer and Forces under
his Command are to be granted Prize and Salvage Monies as though they were
part of His Divine Majesty’s Imperial Navy, and with the Bearer himself taking
the effective position of an Admiral Commanding a visiting squadron. This is in
addition to his rights as the Captain of his Vessel.
iii. While beyond the reach of the Emperor’s Light, the Bearer has the right to
convene and sit upon a Prize and/or Salvage Court provided he does not hold the
sole vote or chair any Court with which a vessel in which he has an interest is

i. The Bearer is recognized by the Adeptus Mechanicum as Aequalis et Socius with the rights and duties thereof.
ii. The Bearer, and any Ship upon which he travels, is granted right of Dock and Supply at any Adeptus Mechanicum facility falling within the borders of the Pactum Mechanicum.
iii. The Bearer and his Successors in-perpetuo are bound by the Pactum Lauraci with all the Rights and Duties stipulated therein.

i. To ensure the Orderly and Lawful Succession to this Warrant, upon the Death
of the Bearer, the Warrant and Associated Assets must travel to the nearest
Sector Capital, along with those who would be Claimants thereto.
ii. Upon arrival, the Warrant will pass into the temporary custody of the senior
Militares adept until the Succession is ratified.
iii. In the event of a dispute as to the Rightful Heir and Successor to the
Warrant, and/or the Fitness thereof, it shall be the Right and Duty of the senior
Militares to Judge and Preside over and between the Claimants, by means of personal duel.
iv. In the event of the Bearer holding this Warrant’s Marque Soror it shall be the Right and Duty of the senior Militares to divide the Warrants between two Rightful Heirs and Successors, except in the event were none exist. The Marque Maximus takes precedence.

i. The Tithes and Taxes directly owed by the Bearer and the Warrant are to be
held in Abeyance until the return to the Sector Capital as part of a Succession.
ii. The Tithes and Taxes accrued are then payable by and from the Assets and
Estates of the Deceased Bearer as part of the Succession Proceedings.
iii.Barring extra-ordinary requirements (such as those levied by a General
Crusade), said Taxes are to be set at 30% of all profit made since the last
Succession (calculated decennially), less half of the maintenance costs of any
Imperial forces under the command of the Bearer for the same period.
iv. In the event of the Bearer holding this Warrant’s Marque Soror the full Tithes and Taxes accrued shall be paid by Assets and Estate under the Marque Lauraci as part of the Succession Proceedings.
v. This Warrant has no power nor right of stipulation over the levying of
Ecclesiarchal tithes.

On this Day, 0 299 058.M31,
Signed, Sealed and Witnessed by

Roboute Guilliman,
Lord Commander of the Imperium,
Adeptus Astartes,

By and For the High Lords of Terra and the Senatorum Imperialis

Addenda: The Bearer is also entreated to take all steps he deems reasonable to promulgate the spread of the Credo Imperialis – Amendment of 3 590 830.M33, Synod Avignor.
Ratified 0 695 900.M33, Alexis IX, Ecclesiarch, Terra
For each World returned to the Embrace of the Immortal God-Emperor and His Cult, the Ecclesiarchy pledges a century’s moratorium on Ecclesiastical tithes – Amendment of 3 44 493.M35, Synod Ixaniad.
Ratified 3 695 494.M35, Heinrich Vevel, Arch-Card, Ixaniad Sector
The Bearer is permitted to Excavate, Explore and Retrieve the wreckage of the ship “The King of Winter” within the bounds and following the stipulations of the of the Pactum Lauraci. In exchange for Any and All assistance in this endeavour the Fornax Latheum is given sole right of Purview of Any and All discoveries – Amendment of 5 601 748.M41, The Lathe Council
Ratified 5 101 766.M41, Marius Hax, Sec-Govr, Calixis Sector

The Warrant of Trade

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