The Longest Journey

Chapter 2, Part I: The Rubycon II System

Log entry II


Date: 5.484.815.M41, 185th day of the year.
Classification: Epsilon
Distribution: Senior expedition personnel of the Lord Captain’s Council

At the behest of Lord Captain Marcus de Winter I have prepared this document and log for the Lord Captain’s Council held on the 185th day of the year. Strictly for internal use.

Expedition intel:

165th day of the year: The High Factotum reports that four major parties appeared at the ceremonial launch of the Winter King, likely parties interested in the Charnel Star Expedition. Those present where the dynasties Hellholt, Lyn, Kreutzen and Hredrin. Furthermore, the presence of at least one Inquisitorial Agent was confirmed.

Status as of the 185th day of the year: Intelligence severely limited beyond rumours and reports from the wreckages. Expedition being watched. Still pursuing main lead located to Nadusa within the Koronus Expanse.

Financial and diplomatic issues:

176th day of the year: Reports reached the Winter King indicating that in order to cover the recent expenditures on outfitting the expedition Lady de Winter has deemed it necessary to lease out the Hive Tarsus holdings upon Scintilla as well as closing down the mercantile endeavours in the same Hive. Lord de Winter confirmed the decision on the same day.
183th day of the year: Negotiations with Captain Hargar Charis of the Merchantman “Spirit of Calixis” finalized. He agreed to led the salvage of one captured enemy vessel to Port Wander and hand it over to the dynasties representatives for due process. As compensation he is to receive 10% of the salvage price.

183rd day of the year: The same Captain Charis furthermore promised the good-will of the Saul dynasty towards our ventures, words which will hopefully translate into action.

Status as of the 185th day of the year: Financial situation remains largely unchanged and dire.
Diplomatic update: The Saul Dynasty considered well disposed towards the endeavour.

Military issues:

179st day of the year: Minor raid upon Quarter E, Section 23, 5th Deck. Repelled by local security patrol. Three men gone to the Emperor. Perpetrators suspected to be denizens of the Bilge.

183st day of the year: Winter King Military Analytic Report. Fifteen days out of Port Wander the Winter King received a plea for aid by the Merchantman “Spirit of Calixis”. The Winter King successfully came to its aid two hours later and engaged two “Wolfpack” class raiders in battle in which the Winter King prevailed. One enemy vessel taken out of action before a collision and critical warp engine failure caused it to be lost with all hands. The second enemy vessel was taken out of action, leaving a burning and drifting wreck. Light casualties sustained.

183th day of the year: Winter King Security Detail. The enemy salvage was successfully boarded and taken without notable resistance. Near five hundred former slaves and four hundred enemy crew were taken.

185th day of the Year: Winter King Security Detail. Two minor instances with enemy prisoners attempting violent action. Three men lightly wounded. All perpetrators executed before their fellows as examples.

Reported Prisoners: 389 Enemy Crew, 201 men recruited into service and deemed fit. 727 Former Slaves, 163 men recruited into service and deemed fit. Remaining prisoners, 188 raiders and 564 former slaves.
Reported Casualties: Estimated 643 KIA, 1661 wounded, 123 returned to duty, 364 drafted. 3 Warrant officers confirmed KIA.
Status as of the 185th day of the year: Engagement of Port Wander considered a success, despite some casualties. Crew compliment requires some reinforcement.

Naval issues:

180th day of the year: Minor repairs conducted on Deck 13 and 12 under Engineseer Prime Hoshi.

184nd day of the year: Full damage report delivered by Engineseer Prime Hoshi, attached below. Preliminary repairs affected.

184th day of the year: Warp Reactor activation rites commenced in preparation for imminent translation. The Captain’s Offering and the Rite of Appeasement conducted.

Damage report summary: Lance strike caused catastrophic damage in Quarters A and B, Section 3, Deck 18 as well as associated service corridors. Holding Bay 11 and Storage Compartment 96B partly compromised. Structural Integrity or Vital Functions not threatened. Ave Omnissiah.
Status as of the 185th day of the year: The Winter King in need of minor repairs during next call but operating at full capacity.

Navigatorial Reports:

183st day of the year: Auger taken by Navigators Yelisaveth and Zakarias Nostromo, results indicate favourable tides and a calm Empyrion. Estimated time to Nadusa is eleven days standard Terran time.

Status as of the 185th day of the year: Empyrion and the Maw deemed acceptably calm to attempt translation and traversing.

Notification: On the 185th day of the year at the four strike of the Last Dog Watch the Winter King will affect translation and commence navigation of the Koronus Passage.
Thought for the day: Every human life is a spark in the darkness. It flares for a moment, catches the eye, and is gone forever.



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