The Longest Journey

Chapter 2, Part II: The Mystery of Zone 888

Log entry III


Date: 5.503.815.M41, 198th day of the year.
Classification: Epsilon
Distribution: Senior expedition personnel of the Lord Captain’s Council

At the behest of Lord Captain Marcus de Winter I have prepared this document and log for the Lord Captain’s Council held on the 198th day of the year. Strictly for internal use.

Expedition intel:

193th day of the year: Dynasty agents upon Port Wander reports that the ships Ater Angelus and Luna Crescere slipped mooring on the 181st and 182nd respectively, gathered intelligence suggesting both were headed for the Koronus Passage. Final destination unknown but possibly related to the lead on Nadusa.
196th day of the year: Report on the Decryption and Extraction of data from the station designated as “Lonely Light” submitted by Magos-Biologis Arkturus Mycol, leader of the intelligence extraction unit. Report attached below. Of note is the rough coordinates for two inhabited systems within “Foundling World” region. Possibly important stopover points.

Status as of the 198th day of the year: Expedition still pursuing main lead located to Nadusa within the Koronus Expanse. Possible suspicion of competition.

Financial and diplomatic issues:

190th day of the year: Lord Captain Marcus de Winter claimed the Space Installation designated “The Lonely Light” in the name of the de Winter dynasty, by right of salvage. The decision to move the installation was confirmed. Full scale repairs and survey commenced.
192th day of the year: Survey teams aboard “The Lonely Light” reports the discovery of a cargo hold containing Missionary supplies. Full inventory attached below. Cargo moved to storage aboard the Winter King.
196st day of the year: Survey and repairs completed. Survey report archived: 40.107.LII.LL888.Verd

Status as of the 198th day of the year: Financial situation remains dire.
Diplomatic update: None.

Military issues:

185st through to 189th day of the year: Winter King Security Detail. Several Minor Raids reported across Deck 5, Deck 12 and Quarterdeck 9/1. Repelled by local security patrol. Seven men gone to the Emperor. Perpetrators suspected to be denizens of the Bilge. Increased frequency likely caused by warp travel.
189th day of the year: Winter King Military Analytic Report. On the 189th day of the year an armed boarding was effected on the space installation designated “The Lonely Light” comprising the third and fifth platoon under the overall leadership of First Officer de Winter and Centurion Primus de Winter. Hostile forces (See report: Lonely Light Denizens) were encountered in number across the installation. After a prolonged engagement lasting roughly three hours hostilities ceased. Boarding detail reports medium casualties sustained.
190th through to 197th day of the year: Winter King Security Detail. A complete scouring of space installation “The Lonely Light” affected and security routines implemented. Lieutenant de Winter reports installation secure on the 197th day of the year.
192nd day of the Year: Winter King Security Detail. A punitive expedition launched into the Bilge. Three Hullgast nests discovered and all inhabitants exterminated. Two more expeditions planned within the next week. Fourteen men wounded in action. Two gone to the Emperor.
195th day of the Year: The Winter King’s Court. Eight men sentenced to execution for cowardice and/or wilful abuse of the Captain’s trust. Effected immediately.

Prisoners: 188 raiders.
Reported Casualties: Estimated 28 KIA, 53 wounded, 982 returned to duty, 8 Executed, 124 Transferred. One warrant officers confirmed KIA, six transferred.
Status as of the 198th day of the year: Boarding of the space installation designated “The Lonely Light” considered a success. Casualties neglectable. Security compliment considered strengthened.

Naval issues:

189th day of the year: Emergency Translation successfully affected on the orders of Navigator Primus Yelisaveth Nostromo. Preliminary scans revealed an unidentified stellar object. Order was given to investigate. Navigation to the core of the discovered Station of Passage affected without incident. High anchorage achieved over unknown stellar phenomenon.
190th through to the 197th day of the year: Mechanicum Delegation. Extended Repairs affected while at anchor under the supervision of Engineseeres Prime Seiun Hoshi. Progress report attached. Repairs also affected on the newly acquired space installation designated “The Lonely Light”.
193rd day of the year: Engine Division. Plasma drive observed to have vented thrice within one hour sidereal. Interpreted as a sign of the spirits displeasure due to idleness. The Rite of Appeasement and two Rites of Devotion conducted. Situation stabilized.
197th day of the year: Warp Reactor activation rites commenced in preparation for imminent translation. The Captain’s Offering and the Rite of Appeasement conducted according to protocol.

Repair report summary: Secondary damage survey revealed larger structural issues then first believed. Rebalancing of Deck 18 and the complete rebuilding of Section 3 deemed necessary and affected. Holding Bay 11 and Storage Compartment 96B sealed but still not operational. Further repairs required at earliest opportunity. Structural Integrity or Vital Functions not threatened. Ave Omnissiah.
Status as of the 198th day of the year: Preliminary repairs affected. The Winter King still in need of minor repairs during next call but operating at full capacity. New naval asset acquired, designated “The Lonely Light”, repairs affected.

Navigatorial and Exploration Reports:

189th day of the year: Navigator’s Station. Sudden warp squall forced an emergency translation within a Station of Passage. Occurrence considered common to the Koronus Passage.
189th day of the year: Astromantic Survey Team. The Winter King translated into a previously uncharted Station of Passage designated Zone 888 by senior survey staff. Dominated by a unknown stellar phenomenon possibly under the influence of ethereal forces. Zone marked on all charts and archived. Discovery forwarded via Astropathic Link toward main archives on Baraspine.
193rd day of the year: Navigator’s Station. The Empyrean reported to once more be calm and the passage unimpeded. Warp translation scheduled for the second bell of the Morning Watch, 199th day of the year.

Status as of the 198th day of the year: Empyrion and the Koronus Passage deemed acceptably calm to attempt translation and continue traversing.

Notification: On the 199th day of the year at the second bell of the Morning Watch the Winter King will affect translation from Zone 888 and continue navigation of the Koronus Passage.

Thought for the day: Survival is no Birthright, but a Prize wrested from an Uncaring Galaxy by forgotten heroes.



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