The Longest Journey

Chapter 2, Part III: The Prophetess and the Swords of Twilight

Log entry IV


Date: 5.523.815.M41, 208th day of the year.
Classification: Epsilon
Distribution: Senior expedition personnel of the Lord Captain’s Council
At the behest of Lord Captain Marcus de Winter I have prepared this document and log for the Lord Captain’s Council held on the 208thth day of the year. Strictly for internal use.

Expedition intel:

203rd day of the year: On this day the Astropathic Choir of the Winter King picked up an encoded message seemingly originating from the dynasty ship Ars Moriendi. Upon decoding, it was revealed to be a distress call reporting the Ars Moriendi had been pursued by an unknown enemy to the Jerazol system. This information later proved to be false and astropathic communication has confirmed that the Ars Moriendi is currently preparing to run the blockade of Lucian’s Breath.
204th day of the year: Intelligence report on the hostile forces encountered at Ajax delivered by Magos Occularis Walter Magnum. Attackers confirmed as Eldar xenoform from the piratical faction designated “Swords of Twilight”, the attacking voidcraft corresponding to a cruiser class ship known as “Arrow of the Eclipse” captained by the infamous pirate “Mor’meril Ossian”. Vid-transferee from the bait-vessel also showed a female xeno naming itself “Ela’Ashbel”, a name correlating in several records with an Eldar world or base known as “Kaelor”.

Status as of the 208th day of the year: Preparations commenced for the retrieval of the target known as Jeremia Stones from Nadusa. A message to observe extreme caution pertaining to the Eldar xenoform sent to all dynasty ships and operations. See attached intelligence report: 01.398.SJer.Az.

Financial and diplomatic issues:

203rd day of the year: First Officer de Winter established an operational relationship with Commander Victoria Horne of the Emperor’s Imperial Navy. The Commander proceeded to aid the Winter King’s withdrawal from the Jerazol system. Further contact and cooperation may prove fruitful.
205th day of the year: Dynasty agents upon Port Wander reports the arrival of merchantman “Spirit of Calixis” hauling wreckage on the 201st day of the year. A formal claim to the right of salvage lodged to port authorities by dynasty representatives. Process expected to be finalized within a year.
207th day of the year: Factotum’s Division. Astropathic communication with Baraspine confirm a previously divined surge of warp squalls on the Baraspine-Malfi warp connection. The estimated effect is a delay of shipping by at least two months. Navigatorial assets relocated. Effect on financial situation detrimental.

Status as of the 208th day of the year: Financial situation deteriorating further, further sales and/or leasing of dynasty holdings may be required.
Diplomatic update: None.

Military issues:

197th through to the 202nd day of the year: Winter King Security Detail. Centurion Primus de Winter led two separate raids upon the Bilge. Both considered highly successful. An estimated seventeen nests and one hundred fifteen abominations purged. Remains converted into auxiliary reactor fuel. Thirty-three men wounded in action. Seventeen gone to the Emperor. Two men summarily executed for cowardice in the face of the enemy.
200th day of the year: Winter King Security Detail. A minor riot on Deck 18, Section 3 broken up and dispersed. Fourteen ratings sentenced to the upper brig for disorderly conduct. Two suspected ringleaders sentenced to the deep brig. One man wounded in action.
203rd day of the year: Winter King Military Analytic Report. Twelve Standard Terran hours after receiving the distress call allegedly of Ars Moriendi the Winter King came under attack by the vile Eldar xenoform. By means of unclean teleportation technology the bridge was attempted boarded by three xenoforms but repulsed to the loss of one attacker. The Winter King then proceeded, under heavy fire, to withdraw and regroup with the Imperial Navy light cruiser “Hawk”. This objective was achieved after approximately two and a half hours at which point the cowardly xenoform withdrew. Medium casualties sustained. Major structural damage reported.
205th day of the year: Winter King Security Detail. Three ratings found agitating against the Lord Captain on Deck 4, 18 and 21. As per protocol assigned to “conversion” henceforth.

Prisoners: 168 raiders.
Reported Casualties: Estimated 3440 KIA, 3910 Wounded, 427 Returned To Duty. Nine warrant officers confirmed KIA.
Status as of the 208th day of the year: Engagement of Ajax considered a limited success and disengagement was successfully affected. Serious casualties sustained and the Steward’s station reports a need for replacements. Minor irregularities reported amongst the crew.

Naval issues:

203th day of the year: Helmsman’s Station. On the order of Lord Captain de Winter the Winter King affected realspace translation at the edge of the Jerazol system. Warp drives ordered powered down but kept online. Preliminary scans suggested target located in anchor above a gas giant designated “Ajax”. Navigation commenced and successfully conducted. Naval engagement commenced at Ajax, consult relevant military report. Heavy damage sustained, consult summary below, full report archived as 39.04.0110.AO
204th day of the year: Navigator’s Station. Warp translation successfully affected and journey continues. Estimated arrival in the Nadusa system set to three standard days. Sacrifice conducted to the blessed warp drive with the Lord Captain present. May the Emperor light our way.
207th day of the year: Navigator’s Station. Realspace translation successfully affected into the Nadusa system.

Damage report summary: Severe damage sustained. Xenoform lance weaponary inflicted massive damage on the forward sections of deck 6 through to 14, several quarters suffering complete collapse. Main Hold 3 suffered internal plasma detonation of torpedo-like device coursing severe damage, resealed. Port side armour plating partly jettisoned due to holing. Multiple minor internal collapses due to kinetic impacts. Structural Integrity in need of immediate repair and reinforcement. Critical functions still at maximum capacity. Ave Omnissiah!
Status as of the xxxth day of the year: Operating at sub-optimal capacities. Extensive reconstruction and repairs at a suitable port of call required.

Navigatorial and Exploration Reports:

200th day of the year: Navigator’s Station. Under the supervision of Navigator Zakarias Nostromo an evasive manoeuvre to avoid an unidentified warp phenomenon successfully affected. Navigator’s station reports phenomenon as “Warp Shoal”, c.ref archive 03.1098.RE.Ty-VI
205th day of the year: Astromantic Survey Team. Preliminary survey of Jerazol system conducted, cross-referenced with known data and archived. Navigators Station reports charts confirmed and realigned.

Status as of the 208th day of the year: A closer survey of the Nadusa system and vessels present underway, expected done by the second dog watch.

Notification: Estimated three weeks before orbit over Nadusa is achieved. All preparatory measures for extraction of target Jeremia Stones as well as preliminary repairs to be finished by such times as orbit is achieved.

Thought for the day: Study the Alien, the better to kill it!



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