The Longest Journey

Chapter 3: The Burning Sands of Nadusa

Log entry V


Date: 5.625.815.M41, 228th day of the year.
Classification: Epsilon
Distribution: Senior expedition personnel of the Lord Captain’s Council

At the behest of Lord Captain Marcus de Winter I have prepared this document and log for the Lord Captain’s Council held on the 208thth day of the year. Strictly for internal use.

Expedition intel:

208th day of the year: Master of Esoterics Song reported the positive identification of the Tyrant-class Cruiser “Luna Crescere”, flagship of the Hredrin dynasty fleet. The cursory survey suggests outfitting and armament in keeping with its class, notably the Tyrant’s feared heavy plasma battery broadsides.
214th day of the year: Master of Esoterics Song reported a preliminary scan of a newly arrived vessel in the Nadusa system. The ship was reported as the Turbulent-class Heavy Frigate “Ater Angelus”, captained by Captain Lissandre Hellholt. It did not respond to any attempts at initiating communication.
222th day of the year: Shore-team Asceline. On this day the whereabouts of intelligence asset Jeremia Stones was confirmed by First Officer de Winter and he was located to the monastery “Garden of Viride” upon Nadusa. Preparations where immediately made to retrieve the target.
227th day of the year: Shore-team Asceline. The capture of asset Stones was pre-empted by agents of the Lyn Dynasty who is now in possession of it. Reports from First Officer de Winter confirmed that dynasties Lyn, Hellholt and Hredrin all sought to claim the intelligence asset. Main dynasty holdings notified of the possibility of hostile relations.

Status as of the 228th day of the year: The pursuit of the Lyn dynasty vessel, a Orion-class Star Clipper, commenced. Intelligence asset Stones believed to still be alive.

Financial and diplomatic issues:

220th day of the year: On behalf of Lord Captain de Winter a team led by High Factotum Premysl conducted negotiations with representatives of the Winterscale Dynasty upon the latter’s orbital anchorage facilities. The negotiations were concluded in a satisfactory manner and payment conducted for material and parts required for the scheduled repair of the Winter King. Directions for finalizing the payment forwarded to Baraspine via scheduled Astropathic communication.
221th day of the year: Shore-team Drusus. Negotiations with representatives of the local imperial government concluded and permission gained to conduct voluntary recruitment upon Port Zeal. Permission also gained to land crew shore-side for the purpose of moral fortification and spiritual reflection.
222th day of the year: Shore-team Asceline. Minor hostilities reported against members of the local Kasballica network, ending with the death of a local Kasballica “baron”. Long term effect of the incident unknown. A cautionary notice forwarded to Baraspine, to be distributed.
226th day of the year: Direct astropathic communication with the Ars Moriendi confirms the success of its recent attempt at running the blockade of Lucin’s Breath. It’s shipment of armaments were safely delivered to the Chorda resistance and received the promised shipment of Nephium. The Ars Moriendi is now proceeding to Port Wander.

Status as of the 228th day of the year: The success of the Lucin’s Breath endeavour is an important boost in the financial situation. It will afford us some time to stabilize the situation and prevent further sales in the immediate future.
Diplomatic update: The reaction of other Kasballica Princes to the incident upon Nadusa remains unknown and of some concern.

Military issues:

222th day of the year: Shore-team Drusus. Commenced rotating shore-leave for voidsmen, expected to be finished by the 235th day of the year. Minor recruitment drive commenced.
222th and 227th day of the year: Shore-team Asceline. Hostilities reported on two occasions. Firstly against members of the local Kasballica network, secondly against a rival expedition of the Hredrin dynasty. Three men gone to the Emperor, may he look to their souls.
224th day of the year: Shore-team Drusus. A group of eleven deserters caught upon Port Zeal after failing to report back at the appointed time. Ringleader summarily executed and the remaining ten sentenced to death by public hanging in view of Port Zeal’s spaceport.
227th day of the year: The Winter King, Bridge. The arrival of the heavy frigate “Ater Angelus” in low orbit above Nadusa and its subsequent launching of atmospheric crafts triggered a response from “Luna Crescere”. “Luna Crescere” reported as moving to intercept the “Ater Angelus” whom it is predicted will attempt to break off without engagement.

Prisoners: 152 raiders.
Reported Casualties: 12 KIA, 23 Wounded, estimated 1980 Returned To Duty.
Desertion: 172 men. May the Emperor throw them into the darkness.
Recruitment: 1081 unskilled labourers recruited. Promotion and training of existing personnel underway.
Status as of the 228th day of the year: Minor armed engagements upon Nadusa reported as successful. Steward’s station reports an improving personnel situation.

Naval issues:

210th through to 220th day of the year: Engineseer Prime Hoshi reports good progress with initial repairs and restructuring efforts. Damaged compartments cleared and unrecyclable debris jettisoned. The Manifactorium reported to have commenced production of most necessary parts and further repairs are being planned.
220th day of the year: Helmsman’s station. By the afternoon watch it was reported that the Winter King had achieved high orbit over Nadusa as scheduled after a journey in-system of approximately thirteen standard days.
226th day of the year: Preliminary repair report submitted by Engineseer Prime Hoshi. Work is proceeding as planned and structural integrity considered restored. Further repairs postponed pending the arrival of the “Ater Angelus”.
227th day of the year: Helmsman’s station. On the forenoon watch Lord Captain de Winter gave the order to slip mooring at Nadusa. The order was affected without delay and all shore-parties reported back in good time.

Repair report summary: Major restructuring of interior compartments successfully conducted. Structural integrity restored to deck 6 through to 11. Deck 12, 13 and 14 remain sealed and their functions have been moved elsewhere. Functionality restored to Main Hold 3. Port side armour plating refitted and in full working order. By the grace of the Machine God all functions considered at optimal efficiency. Structural stability remain compromised however and further repairs advice as soon as possible.

Status as of the 228th day of the year: Operating at near optimal capacity. Caution adviced on further offensive engagement until final repairs can be conducted.

Navigatorial and Exploration Reports:

222th day of the year: Astromantic Survey Team. Full survey of the Nadusa system completed, cross-referenced with known data and archived. Ref 40.6803.IP.010.N.
228th day of the year: Navigators Station. The Lord Captain ordered a new course plotted along the likely vector of the Orion-class Star Clipper belonging to the Lyn Dynasty. Warp Guide Yelisavet Nostromo reports that work is underway and a course should be set by the time the Winter King approaches the systems edge.

Status as of the 228th day of the year: The standing order is to keep close watch on the Orion-class Star Clipper belonging to the Lyn Dynasty. The pursuit continues as preparations for a warp translation is underway. May the Emperor save us from the horrors of the Void.

Notification: The order stands to have the ship down and ready for warp translation on the 246th day of the year, at the third bell of the forenoon watch. May it be that by then our course shall be clear.

Thought for the day: To compromise is to err.



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