The Longest Journey

Chapter I: A Port of Wanderers

Log entry I


Date: 5.440.815.M41, 165th day of the year.
Classification: Epsilon
Distribution: Senior expedition personnel of the Lord Captain’s Council

At the behest of Lord Captain Marcus de Winter I have prepared this document and log for the Lord Captain’s Council. Strictly for internal use. It will track our status for the duration of the Charnel Star expedition and I shall strive to include all major events of interest to this council.

Expedition intelligence:

160th day of the year: Keeper of the Librarium Lin Lee, on behest of the First Officer, has compiled the list of known vanished ships and known intelligence reports on the Charnel Stars. The information is regrettably limited. All related archives moved to the Winter King.

161st day of the year: Lieutenant de Winter reported Jones Erch apprehended by our security personnel. A summary of the interrogation report and investigation report from the site of his apprehension is attached. See below.

164th day of the year: At the behest of First Officer de Winter a small collection of volumes were bought from the Este estate. Several vague surveys of the Charnel Stars region contained within, but regrettably lacking in substance.

Status as of the 165th day of the year: Intelligence severely limited beyond rumours and reports from the wreckages. Main lead located to Nadusa within the Koronus Expanse.

Financial and diplomatic issues:

160th day of the year: Negotiations with the Cestelle Alliance finalized. This treaty secure basic supplies (food, water, content for the arboretum, basic tools for small scale excavation, power packs etc) and fuel.

160th-163rd day of the year: Negotiations were initiated and finalized with the Fane of Takara. This pact secured military grade armaments to be distributed amongst key security personnel and a supply line of armaments as needed.

162nd-165th day of the year: A loan agreement was successfully negotiated with house Este. This covers both the initial funding issues as well as guarantee for a second payment.

Status as of the 165th day of the year: Financial situation is grave after recent massive expenditure. Expedition fully outfitted for initial surveys and the voyage, outfitting beyond the initial expectations.
Threat update: Fane Daru and house Ortellius considered hostile to the endeavour.

Military issues:

161st day of the year: Port Wander Estate Security Detail. Minor clashes with the forces of an unidentified organization, presumed Rogue Trader, and Gilliams during the apprehension of Jones Erch. Three men gone to the Emperor, may he guard their souls. Lucius Abramovic noted for bravery.

164th day of the year: The Winter King Security Detail. Obscura ring on the 32nd deck curbed. Two men gone to the Emperor, may he guard their souls. Four identified dealers sentenced to conversion and servitude.

Reported casualties: 7 KIA, 11 wounded, 4 returned to duty.
Status as of the 165th day of the year: The Military Assets of the Expedition is well stocked and operating at full strength. Considered sufficient for small scale ground and space operations in addition to security duties.

Naval issues:

124th day of the year: Plasma Reactor ignited. Test runs successful.

162nd day of the year: Negotiations with the Adeptus Mechanicum finalized. The Adeptas blessing granted upon the endeavour and research personnel agreed to vacate the Winter King within three days. All communication hence-forth, beyond Imperial Space, will go through Engineseer Prime Hoshi.

164th day of the year: Plasma Reactor operating at full capacity. Engineseer Prime Hoshi and Helmswoman Nightingale reports The Winter King is now fully operational.

Status as of the 165th day of the year: The Winter King is operating at full capacity and supplied for the estimated voyage ahead.

Personnel issues:

163st day of the year: Representative Kai Takara, liaison to the Fane of Takara, to be given passage aboard the Winter King. He has sworn to serve the manifactorium for the duration of the voyage.

162nd-164th day of the year: Negotiations conducted and finalized with house Nostromo of the Navis Nobilite. The signed pact solves the expedition’s imminent need for Navigators. Pact also promises further cooperation.

163rd day of the year: Missionary Gregor Sorsky of the Missionara Galaxtica appointed Ship Confessor. May he guide the faithful to his light. Several Ascelinite pilgrims in his entourage to be spread throughout the crew.

Status as of the 165th day of the year: All essential personnel for operation of the Winter King in the process of transferring aboard. Crew at full strength.

Notification: On the 167th day of the year The Winter King will slip mooring at Port Wander, all preparation is to be completed by the First Dog Watch of the 166th.
Thought for the day: In the darkness a blind man is the best guide. In an age of Madness look to the madman to show the way.



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