[de Winter] Lucia de Winter

Voice of the Captain, Second Trueborn Daughter of Lord de Winter, The Glorified Messenger


Lucia de Winter is, unlike her elder siblings and half-sister, rather unlike their father in appearance, taking more after her mother in many things. She is a small woman, standing barely above one meter sixty, with a slender frame which certainly most would find pretty. Her small frame does however give her a certain vulnerable and frail appearance that hardly matches her personality, making for a fair few heated encounters with would be suitors who underestimated the little woman’s fiery temper. Her face is rounder than her older siblings, tending towards a pleasant heart shape, and her nose is far less pronounced as it rests over a small mouth with full lips. It certainly is attractive however and framed beautifully by her deep black hair that shimmer slightly in hues almost dark blue when light is cast across it, much like her mothers. The hair falls thick and rich down past her shoulders, curling every so lightly in heavy cascades which none of her siblings share. Lucia’s eyes are those of her father however, wide and perceptive with a radiant amber colour. She often underlines the colour further by wearing heavy makeup around her eyes and keeping her eyebrows well-trimmed, all to great effect. Despite her pleasant appearance, something most of her station would count a blessing, Lucia seems to resent the attention it garners her and the mere talk of engagements enrages her. As a habit of her oft-violent temper her face tends to carry a slightly sharp almost hostile look, her small mouth pulled into a disapproving expression.
Despite her seeming dislike of suitors, Lucia de Winter is still vain enough to dress not only to but certainly beyond the requirements of her station. Her wardrobe is large and varied, though she seems to favour red and black over the blue of house De Winter. Most often she is seen in an ornate and splendid if slightly baroque officer’s attire, a wide high collared jacket over a waistcoat and with practical yet presentable dress pants. She is also very fond of scarfs and rushes with extensive details and knit-work.

As previously noted the young Lucia has a temper that is not only sharp but at times almost dangerous, flaring quickly at the slightest and often most playful provocation. She seems to truly resent her position as least of Lord de Winter’s children, a position she seemingly wish to rectify. This makes her altogether rather hostile towards her other siblings and gives her an air of bitterness that rarely disperse. That said she can be pleasant when she the mood grips her and especially towards her father she is quite adoring, though whether this is a vain attempt at flattering or true adoration is hard to discern.


Past interaction and known/perceived background:
Lucia was born upon Scintilla, the fifth of Lord de Winter’s trueborn children, after her mother had moved there to officially lead the De Winter embassy at the sector capitol. Despite growing up in the opulence and wealth undreamt of by most Lucia, from an early age, seemed somewhat discontent with her place in the grand scheme of things, displaying a fierce and rebellious spirit.

Aisha knows little about her upbringing beyond the fact that they attended the same Famulous Chapter School in the capitol. There they rarely spoke, the age difference between them being quite significant, yet Aisha could always feel the shimmering bitterness and barely concealed resentment her younger half-sister held for her. As far as she would tell the young Lucia wasn’t particularly skilful, though by no means a disappointment either.

Having recently finished her education the seventeen-year-old Lucia is now, finally, following her father on her first expedition beyond the limits of Imperial Space.

Relationship with Aisha:
As far as Aisha can tell her little sister has disliked her since the first day they meet and during their time at the academy, the young girl had several episodes of petty behaviour towards her older half-sister. After their recent reunion, however their tone at least seems to have grown a tad more civilized.

[de Winter] Lucia de Winter

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