[Krautzen] Mark Krautzen

Fifth in Line to the Krautzen Warrant of Trade, Nephew of Lord Krautzen, Commandore of the Cruiser the Direct Approach, Admiral Extraordinaire and Protector of Solance Encarmine, Outspoken Monodominant


If bluntness had a face it might very well have been the face of Commandore Mark Krautzen of the Krautzen dynasty, a fairly young man somewhere in his late twenties. He is a large man, a little over two meters with broad shoulders and a powerful physique that would be more at home on a pit fighter than an imperial noble. Further compounding this brutish look is a long and extraordinarily clear cut face sporting a sharp, hard jawline and a massive, square and ever so protruding chin. His nose isn’t particularly large though it too is sharp and jagged, sitting over a small mouth. Mark shaves close in a very martial style, though he seems to sport the permanent traces of a stubble. When it comes to his hair however he keeps it shoulder long, seemingly taking pride in its lustrous black and silken smooth cascades that would be the envy of many a lady. It goes well with his small, dark blue eyes though they end up having a faint peering quality to them.

The Commandore’s clothing and style is much in keeping with his unsubtle and blunt style, having an air of both militarism and gaudiness. He wears a tight fitting military outfit in black under a wide leather trenchcoat complete with silver clamps and details. Over this he wears a wide cloak in the pale blue and white of his dynasty, complete with the crossed pistols under a skull which is the insignia of house Krautzen. The cloak is held in the throat by an imperial aquilla in silver and the motif of skulls and winged skulls are embossed across his attire, including two massive grinning skulls at his kneecaps. Finishing his attire off is a fashionable tricorne hat, a pair of heavy and archaic duelling pistols in ornate holsters and a pair of fine gloves covered with thin silver plates.

Mark Krautzen’s defining trait is his direct approach to any and all problems, be it a marriage alliance or an ork Koozer his answer is usually blunt, direct and to the point. Many would take this to mean that the young Commandore is both reckless and a lackwit, though both of these descriptions would miss the mark. Mark has a sound of solid grasp of tactics and strategy, and though perhaps not a genius his plans are usually well considered and formulated. His bluntness does however make for quite a few social blunders, as he simply cannot be bothered with the normal finery and form so loved by imperial nobility. Indeed, this is likely one of the main reasons his uncle furnished him with a powerful ship and sent him off to serve his dynasty in the capacity for which he is most suited, the crucible of war.


Past interaction and known/perceived background:
Aisha knows little of Commandore Mark Krautzen beyond that he is the nephew of the current head of the Krautzen dynasty, fourth in line to inherit the Warrant.

She also spoke briefly with him during the launching of the Winter King where he rather bluntly asked for her hand in marriage, a request politely turned down.

[Krautzen] Mark Krautzen

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