The Holds of the Winter King

The Holds of the Winter King

Its contents whether transported resources or bulk cargo.



Bulk cargo and resources uses the following simple system for transport and usage. Each ship has a certain transport capacity:

  • Raider 1
  • Frigate 2
  • Cruiser+ and Transports 3
    Furthermore, they may carry more cargo based on certain components, such as various types of cargo bays. From the main rulebook the following is given:
  • Cargo Hold and Lighter Bay – 5
  • Compartmentalized Hold – 8
  • Main Cargo Hold – 10
    Each unit of cargo represent a massive amount of something and whatever resource/thing the explorers want moved the GM should split into units. As an example, 1 unit could hold a single “standard” shipment of ore, 10-20ish packed Chimeras, a few thousand people packed tight.

Current Cargo:

Ministorium Missionary Supplies


Type: Bulk Cargo
Storage requirements: 1 Capacity point
Description: The Ministorium Missionary Supplies consist of a wide variety of items essential for fostering and reaffirming the conviction of any newly turned population, as well as equipment suited to turn them to the God Emperor’s light. Countless stacks of scented candles and devotional skulls for decoration, brass Imperial Aquilla medallions and casts for making more, simple prayer books for the aspiring local priesthood and massive hymncaster spikes which can be deployed from orbit are but some examples of the many essential tools this cargo contains. Everything has been produced adhering strictly to accepted lines of orthodoxy and purity.
Effect: The Ministorium Supplies can be used in several ways. Firstly they could potentially be sold, perhaps garnering a profit factor if the right buyer is found. Secondly they can be expended in certain endeavours, granting 75 AP towards a Creed objective. Finally, one could perhaps try to return it to the Ministorium to curry their favour.

The Holds of the Winter King

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