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The De Winter Dynasty

Its Holdings, Allies, Enemies, Contractors.

The Dynasty:
The Warrant of Trade

History and Accumulated Lore:
Dynastic History, Foundation to Rebirth (M31-M32)

Ships and Space Installations:
The Winter King
The Lonely Light

Apostles of Saint Asceline
The Cestelle Alliance
The Fane Takara
The Imperial Navy
The House Este
The House Nostromo

The Holds of the Winter King

Contracts, Endevours, Colonies etc:

The Koronus Expanse

The Koronus Expanse, Map of House de Winter

Planetary Datafexes:
The Murdered World of Jerazol
The Nadusa System
The Nadusa System – Port Haz
Port Wander

Species, Xenoforms and other Entities:
Blood Wraith of Lonely Light

Main Page

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