The Fane Takara

One of the more famous amongst the many “Independents” of Gunmetal city of Scintilla, a Fane is a weapons cartel-combine whose mercantile stand on par with that of a minor rogue trader dynasty. Fane Takara is a rising power, very young for a Fane, yet has proved surprisingly resistant and has managed to stave off several takeover attempts by greater Fanes. The latest failed attempt was by the Fane of Daru and in the aftermath a smouldering resentment still lies between the two Fanes. With a steadily expanding businesses and a reputation as aggressive pursuers of good deals many eye them with interest… and hostility. Their device is a red gothic cross upon black, their colours similarly red and black.

Fane Takara specializes in the production of high quality laser weaponry, possible through their strong connection with the Adeptus Mechanicum. Unique amongst the Fanes and Forges of Gunmetal they have a few selected templates from the venerable Aegis Data Fragment. In addition to this they produce, as most larger Fanes, most common weapon and munitions patterns. Finally, on contract, they do produce unique pieces for individuals with the wealth to procure them.

Characters of Note:
Yoshi Takara, “Voice of the Fane” upon Footfall
Kai Takara, Weapon Smith and Liaison to the de Winter Dynasty.

Contracts and agreements:
After the incident upon Port Wander and an initial talk between Yoshi Takara and Aisha de Winter, with subsequent contractual talks by Otto Premsyl, a compact has been formed between the de Winter Dynasty and Fane Takara. Fane Takara promises to supply basic armament for house de Winter to a lower than market price, all on the condition that they are treated as sole provider (the Mechanicum aside). Furthermore they request insight into any finds of data-fragments, STC etc not taken by the Mechanicum.

The Fane Takara

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