The Lonely Light


Recorded History:
The “Pilgrim” pattern Space Installation designated “The Lonely Light” was, according to on-board cogitator logs recovered after boarding, build at the blessed Lathe Worlds and launched in 479.M41 at the behest of the Synod Calyxis. It was one of several Auto-templum ex Astra facilities produced over roughly a century for the expressed purpose of servicing the newly discovered worlds of the Drusian Rim cluster, notably Endrite. Upon completion and consecration the Lonely Light was immediately moved to orbit over Endrite where it spread the word of the Emperor amongst that planet’s barbaric population for nearly a century, before being moved to continue its work at Silas’ Hope. No major incidents are noted to have occurred during this period, though it served as the long time base and residence for Cardinal Herzar after his first, less then pleasant, encounter with the natives of Endrite.

In 811.M41 the decision to move the installation to the Periphery was logged and preparations began within the year. The move itself took place two years later, seemingly with the goal of supporting Imperial efforts on the Spineward’s Front. The “Lonely Light” would however never reach its destination as it was cast adrift in the aether after the grav-anchor connecting it to its transporting ship was severed mid-voyage, while still in the warp. The discoveries made by boarding parties of the Winter King suggests that this calamity might perhaps not have been entirely an accident (See file --Access denied——Insufficient clearance——) and during its year long passage through the hellish unreality the crew aboard suffered a fate most terrible indeed. On the 190th day of 815.M41, “The Lonely Light” was returned to the blessed Imperium of Man and reclaimed by the de Winter Dynasty by right of discovery and salvage.

“The Lonely Light” void Installation follows broadly the standard production template of a “Pilgrim” pattern Auto-Templum ex Astra, itself derived from a holy STC design in common use across the Imperium. It is rather small by the standards of Imperial void installations, intended as it is for orbiting an inhabited world rather then hanging alone amongst the stars, measuring roughly 700 meters from the top of the central spire down to the engine exhaust shafts and less than 400 across. Structurally it is made up of three distinct spires, each fabricated separately, which can in an emergency be detached from each other, though only the main spire carries the vital life-support facilities. Being only lightly armoured and armed the installation was never intended as a military asset, though possesses the resilience and armament to fight of lone raiders if necessary. Furthermore, both to facilitate movement around its system and an escape if necessary, the “Pilgrim” pattern installation has been fitted with a Class V “Lathe” pattern Plasma Drive allowing for some limited mobility.

Though small “The Lonely Light” was intended as a base of operation above worlds designated as targets for missionary work and as such has been outfitted with facilities and components to match such needs. Each of the two auxiliary spires holds temples dedicated to the missionary work within their crowing domes, complete both with a shrine for worship as well as extended working and living for Imperial missionaries. Furthermore, extended vaults for supplies secures not only ample access to the necessities of life in case of a hostile local population but also has room for the many tools required by missionary work, from prefabricated aquilas to prayer candles and stores of incense.


“The Lonely Light” was recently refurbished with a new crew after its capture by the de Winter Dynasty. In his wisdom it was decreed by the Lord Captain to reconstruct the crew around a core of veterans and none-commissioned officers from the Winter King, all afforded increased privileges and a promotion, with the freed captives from earlier engagements making up the remaining crew. Though still quite short of the stations full crew compliment of approximately 4000 souls and moral is reported as high as all aboard rejoice at the chance of working for their glorious master and saviour, Lord Captain de Winter. Though too fresh to develop a culture of its own the station is run with the quazi-military regime of the Winter King, though also heavily influenced by faith, inspired both by the stations pious purpose as well as the ecclesiarchy personnel aboard.
It is temporarily under command of Captain Kai Arashi until a permanent commander can be designated.

The Lonely Light

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